Tell the truth shame the devil

Highlighting principles in politics.  We can’t always be neutral. Sometimes life forces us to pick a side, at least if we want to have any say in how this world turns out. There are no good guys, only people fighting for theirs. However, sometimes there’s a sliver of principle to cling to, a speck of light that will guide you through that long tunnel.  When we cling to that light we make it through the darkness.   It will allow us to make judgements and show us those lead by principles. 

To find this light look for the principle. The principle is always positive because it is the non derivative force that will guide you to your victory if you listen to it.  Every article on this site will highlight a principle.  When examining a loser, look for those that live to self serve. You will find that the losers use principles to serve them. They mask their weakness and insecurities in the cloak of righteousness, but real recognize real. We will call them out and cast them down.  This is our coup de grâce and it will look easy.