beating dead horse

Beating a Dead Horse

If only we were talking about the slow death of the DNC and their seemingly bottomless pit of corruption.  In reality I feel like I am beating a dead horse when I talk about the hypocrisy of today’s left, and the delusional people who still play by the self-righteous “good vs. evil” soundtrack.

Look, I get it.  Republicans are bad.  Donald Trump is racist.  And anybody who likes either two is clearly waiting for the time he can finally wear his swastika in public.

It’s all rather pathetic.  Sometimes I mistake these self-righteous indignation of the left for the sanctimonious preaching from Christians that the left so despises!  Never have I heard such a clear case of good versus evil, at least not since I watched Harry Potter.

If only Donald Trump was treated like He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, it would be 1000 percent increase in respect.  Only in America is being called a patriot an insult.  Really if the our media overlords are to be believed, anything less than full devotion to anybody not American is racist.

Ladies and gentleman, we’re in the midst of the great “Noble Lie” of the century.

The Noble Lie

A Noble Lie is what the elite citizens of a country tell the rest of the populace to get them to do what the elites want them to do.  Sounds simple right?  Well this simple idea by Plato just proves that truth and simplicity go hand in hand.

While most people bring of the Noble Lie in the context of religion, I wish they would apply their sound reason to today’s political climate.  Lets take the progressive argument for gun control.  This buzz phrase is often cited as a common sense truth that in only challenged by a bunch of backward, NRA puppet hillbillies.  In fact anybody that disagrees with gun control is blamed for every shooting that happens in America.

So to start the conversation I would ask them to acknowledge the Second Amendment.  I may even snidely remark about how the right to own a gun is directly written into the Constitution.  Unlike abortion where a few judges decided to play activist and made it up. But that’s digressing.

So your lefty friend will probably discuss how old the Constitution and how it’s a different time now and blah blah blah.  Nothing not regurgitated ad nauseum from every leftist everywhere these days.  Don’t go down the rabbit hole just keep plugging along with the questions.

Since they acknowledge that there is a Constitution, and you can even give them the fact that the document is old.  Next ask them if they thing Congress could get together and actually change the Constitution.  If they’re honest they’ll say no.  If they’re naive they’ll say “We just have to convince the Republicans/We just have to vote out the Republicans” and rely heavily on the we-just-have-to story tail ending contingent on human perfection.

The beauty of the Noble Lie is that it motivates the populace passed the line of rationality.  They’ll cling to that lie despite all evidence to the contrary.  Their devotion to the lie fills them with the self righteous fuel needed to justify any injustice.

So our leftist friend will mostly discard the Constitution at this point and maybe even mention how the document is illegitimate/irrelevant (depends on how out-of-their-God-damn-mind our friend is).  You’ll have to fight the urge to slap our friend in the face.

So you continue to prod.  Ok, let’s take this all the way through.  We allow the Federal government to confiscate all the guns.  Let’s even throw them a bone, it lessons the extent of murders in the country.  But the consequence of which is a death nail to the Constitution.

Ask our friend if that is a worthy exchange?  Let’s say he says yes.

Ask our friend what he thinks of America going to a monarchy?  A dictatorship?  Their dreaded fascism?  He’ll probably strongly vote in the negative towards all three.

Then ask him if he realized that the Constitution was written to prevent such a thing?  And does he think that after 250 plus years that human beings have evolved passed the point of political corruption such that any fear towards totalitarian regimes is unjustified?

This will probably trip him up.  It is here that you finally bring up his Trump Derangement Syndrome.  “If we all have to be part of the “Resistance” against Trump, because he’s a fascist, aren’t you acknowledging the need for the very document you wish to destroy?”

Maybe our friend will start to see the need of the Constitution.  Maybe he’ll understand the significance of what he’s saying.  He’ll probably go back to saying we just need to change every ones minds, make them see his enlighten point of view.

The sad part about all of this, is that it usually those that feel so confident in their own self righteousness that are clinging to the The Noble Lie.

Unfortunately telling a Democrat this is like kicking a dead horse.  Or maybe listening to a Democrat speak at all is kicking a dead horse.  But until people recognize that the noble cause they follow is as helpless as the Ashley Wilkes joining the war.