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America is in Danger! Save Our Institutions

“If the battle for civilization comes down to the wimps versus the barbarians, the barbarians are going to win.” –Thomas Sowell

There is something seriously wrong with the world today.  Listening to the news one would think the root of all troubles is Donald Trump.  Were you aware that we were living in nirvana prior to November 8th, 2016?  Well me neither, nirvana sure felt a hell of a lot like 1984.

You see, our years of government education have engrained into American’s how we are supposed to think. There are two ways that most Americans make decisions (mirroring the thought process of a small toddler);

  1.  Look around for what every one else believes, if they don’t actually believe the same things they then start the careful process of scrubbing whatever their original thought process was so that they can carefully mirror their peers.  This is how people know that they should be outraged.
  2. Very similar to the second, they look for some authority figure to tell them what to believe.  This authority figure is considered an authority  because a) some other authority figure has endorsed him or b) everyone else considers the figure an authority figure.

This has lead to an American populace that is easily excitable and incredibly susceptible to manipulation.  In a democracy nothing fuels a political agenda like the cries from the masses.  It is the teeth of political correctness.



Cardi B sees what’s wrong in the world today.  Only she doesn’t know the mechanism that shuts her up when she tries to attack the “fake.”  Being educated like we are, it breeds a lot of insecurity.  When we lack other people to look to for guidance it makes us scared.  When there is no one to tell us what to do we panic.

If anybody were to confront the cocoon we live in by suggesting that our carefully manicured world is not all it seems, it causes an outright attack by all the clones running around dependent on the same reality.

Cadri probably thinks this rule only applies to the music industry, but we all know the truth.  The very fabric of our society has slowly been degenerated by low-lifes selfishly attacking the foundation of every major industry.  We only need to look at the Harvey Weinstein scandal exploding through Hollywood to see the week ground we’re standing on..

People always shame the messenger.  You will never find yourself more hated than when you confront someone’s lies.  The outrage is always proportionate to how close the lie is to the person in question.  Meaning, if the lie is one that the person actually believes then you’re in for a treat.

We believe what is right is what pleases a majority of people

What happens when what pleases a majority of people is wrong?  The reason a fake person gets away with being fake is that they have enough people on their side to make you the bad guy if you confront them.  This kind of behavior is cancer, and it will topple any organization.

This has become the rule of the entire country.

Democracy is contingent on everyone voting for their own self interest.  There is nothing wrong with this, as long as everybody sticks to their own self interest.  It’s like having a contest where the contestants vote for themselves and so it’s a tie.  The trouble comes when others are convinced to vote in other people’s self interest.

Through the use of the above mentioned tactics we’re led to believe that other people’s interests are greater than our own.  We can’t deport illegal immigrants because they’re interest in staying in America is greater than our interest in respecting our laws and a healthy economy.

You might think privately that your not sure about a controversial policy such as abortion, but when you look up and see that everyone else is outraged over thought of not federally funding Planned Parenthood, you will quickly start to feel that same outrage.

The glitch in the Matrix happens when you realize that there are people who don’t follow the same rules as you do.  You may have been cowed into believing that you must put everybody and their mother before yourself, but the very people keeping all of us in line aren’t practicing what they preach.

Environmental activist actors mega polluter private jets.

Anti gun crusaders hire personal bodyguards that more often than not have guns.

“Feminist” celebrities are facing numerous sexual assault law suits.

Yet everyday people mistakenly believe that the rules still exists.  We still play by the rules, and when we’re publicly shamed for any wrong doing you feel ashamed and get defensive.  You don’t even question the validity of the rule itself.



Don’t Let Others Set Your Rules

Temerity is in the air.  Americans everywhere are feeling the mortality of our country.  This fear that is catapulting us into a never ending spiral of destructive criticism.  We are all terrified of the future but act in ways that assure our own destruction.  This attitude is as warranted as it is dangerous.  When a country is run by the bad, it is only inevitable that few will be moved to save it.

People can sense that their is an aura of mendacity permeating the air.  It’s why they hasten the end of corrupt institutions.  Their mistake is in throwing the baby out with the bathwater.  It is in listening to the very people who’ve infected us with this virus in the first place.

If we continue to live as we have then we can’t be surprised when others take everything away from us.  The rest of the country hates Trump because the authority figures in America signal to the rest of us that we are supposed to hate Trump.  The authority figures hate Trump because he refuses to back down.


People get mad at Donald Trump for Tweeting, for fighting with people, for attacking the media.  It’s as if these people expect a winner to survive a boxing match with out throwing any punches.  Donald Trump isn’t playing the part of media’s punching bag like George W.  He stands up and gives it to people just as hard as he receives.  If Donald Trump is to go down it won’t be without a fight.