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You Don’t Need to Be Religious to be a Hypocrite 

“I would rather live my life as if there is a god and die to find out there isn’t, than live my life as if there isn’t and die to find out there is.” – Albert Camus

The way some people talk about religion reminds me of how my dad always talked about my sisters’ boyfriends. Anything my sister ever did wrong was always contributed to their boyfriend.

Don’t come over anymore? Boyfriend.

Drinking more? Boyfriend.

Say something rude during dinner? Damn that boyfriend!

You see the problem with this is that people very much make their own choices.  My sisters made the choices they did because they wanted to, not because some boy made them.  Letting them off the hook for bad choices because some boy may have suggested it, is no way to teach responsibility.

If we would all just admit that truth to ourselves this world would be a lot less vengeful.  The fact of the matter is that human beings are selfish, greedy, mean spirited, and utterly corruptible.  By denying this attribute in ourselves we only open the door to the very corruption we fear.

According to many, but for religion, human beings wouldn’t go to war.  They wouldn’t invade other countries, wouldn’t persecute other people because of their beliefs.  But just how realistic are these expectations?  The 20th century saw two major World Wars, neither fought because of religion.  Even the Civil War of the 19th century was no product of religious conflict.

It was pure state vs. state warfare, powerful people fighting for more power with conveniently placed political theories stepping in as their almost religious modus operandi.  Oh how political evolution brings us to a place that is no better than the wars between various monarchies.  Except the monarchies managed to move the people by force and religious conviction.  It’s almost as if some underlying conviction must be used to move the masses.

Religion is the scapegoat for atheist who think they’re above humanity

Today we often hear people talk of the spirituality and religion as if they’re divorced.  They are not, in fact the two go hand in hand.  Religion is the foundation that feeds our spirituality.  It is the guidebook that weaves our souls to the world around us and allows us to see more than what is there.

While every religion has it’s eccentricities, most of the customs dictated by their gospels are done because those customs were made sacred for the purpose of enhancing our spirituality.  We laugh at Catholics today when they drink wine and call it the blood of Jesus, we think them cultist when they recite their call-and-answer required at mass.

A huge mistake made in war is to disrespect your enemies.  This was often done in the much aligned crusades.  The disrespect comes from assuming that your opponent’s motivations are less than your own.  You’ll never understand how far someone is willing to go if you don’t give due weight to why they do it.

Now look how we examine religions.  The customs are commonly seen as idiotic at best and dangerously dependent at worst.  Look at how people commonly refer to the last bastion of religion in America; the rural communities.  When these communities overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump in the last election their motivations were seen as the personification of America’s worst sins.  They were xenophobic bigots clinging on to a “white identity.”

Some of the most sanctimonious commentary comes from self proclaimed atheists. These people feel as smug about their righteousness as any Evangelic Christian.  They use the most hateful rhetoric to describe their enemies yet wonder why their is so much division in the country.  The fact that these hicks would disagree with the conventional wisdom of the days make them as much of a pariah as a Jew on Sunday.

Any language or action used against these people is immediately accepted in the way that illogical convoluted rules are justified by those that cling to the rule more than to reality.  They live in a world when you can’t mention a stereotype or joke about a persons race, but any attack to a person has opposing political opinion to yours is justified.

I watch in horror as these idealistic atheist dream of a world with no religion yet practice the very intolerance that they so despise in the religious community.

We live in an age of criticism

Criticism can only be used to deconstruct.  While there is always a time where deconstruction is necessary for any society (i.e the American Revolution, the Civil War, Civil Rights movement)    America has faced this relentless deconstruction for the last fifty years.  America is just a nub at this point and the people are feeling the effects of living in a country with a weakened foundation.

Donald Trump is right.  Now is the time for unity and building things back up again.  It’s time for us to stop crying about what we were and focus on building up what we are to become.  Whatever we choose to become is sure to have elements of the past that were mistakenly discarded.


If we stand any hope of curing the numerous problems facing the American people, it is time that we all stood for something instead of fighting for nothing.  Ask yourself what you want to create instead of what needs to be destroyed.

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