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Should We Have Democracy?

Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty.- Plato

Everyone is a politician these days.  Honestly people have such strong opinions on what America needs, unfortunately their opinions are about as shallow as a kiddy pool since the only conclusion they can come to is just how bad Trump is.

We tend to hear the word “triggered” thrown around a lot these days, and I’ve never before believed that such an event was possible until Donald Trump became President.  These uber-liberals and never-Trumper Republicans are going crazy at the President’s every move.  Before people were hesitant to discuss politics but now it is their favorite conversation.

The simple conclusion is that these people are triggered.  What they don’t know however is that to be triggered, some one has to point the gun and pull.  Yes, our media handlers have become trigger happy and we’re reaping the consequences.

Every time there is another news story about Trump failing to tip a waiter in 1974, or when the White House proposes legislation and it’s hailed as the next Final Solution, every American programmed through our propaganda mill educational facilities is at full attention and ready to march.

Of course when we become aware of this it a rather jarring experience.  At once angry, depressed, and in denial it takes some time to gain the acceptance needed to finally fight back.  However, when you do you’re faced with the even greater impasse of reaching the American’s still plugged into the system.

It’s not a pleasant task going against the grain.  Honesty unfortunately is not a virtue without consequence.  No one envies the life of a public pariah, just ask Alex Jones.  The more you try to free a person the more desperately they cling to their reality.  It hurts them to believe that they exist in a world where people aren’t rational, and where there is deliberate evil committed against others.

And while I’m completely sympathetic to the feeling, the way a person lashes out when their reality is threatening is not enjoyable.

How much can you trust your fellow citizens?

When a person calls you a conspiracy theorist, you call them naive.  If the mere question of an alternative explanation for an event is enough to shake their countenance, perhaps they’re afraid of something disturbing their carefully laid world view.

I have had many political discussions with all manner of people, yet nothing is more disconcerting than the overwhelming cosmopolitan bias displayed by so many.  Perhaps this is a consequence of living in such a great cosmopolitan area, but how can equality and acceptance be so drilled into today’s social thought, yet people espouse such blind hatred of those who live differently than they do.

How can you trust someone who to vote on our public welfare when they don’t know who is pulling their strings?  A video was recently made of college students giving their opinions on Trump’s new tax plan.  In the video the kids repeat the buzzword told to them by our media masters.  “Bad for the poor,” and “only helps the rich” are the exact words used to describe Trump’s tax plan.

The twist comes when the questioner breaks down the components of the plan and calls it Bernie Sanders’ tax proposal.  Suddenly these people react positively.  The plan is good for the people and exactly what America needs right now.  All it takes is the right production and people are more than willing to do what you want them to do.


If you can’t trust a person to vote based on anything other than brand appeal, what good is democracy?  If all it takes to like something is for the right person to endorse it, what does it take to hate something?  It would probably be just as easy to push a negative connotation as it is a positive one.

Yet people don’t believe that they’re capable of being manipulated.  Naive.

The secret of a public you can trust, it a public aware of its own needs

If I were to tell you that a democracy is a system that will never work and advocate for it’s destruction, I would be no better than the elites in this country yearning to do away with the Constitution.

The people in this country will have you mad at the ignorance of others while they simultaneously work to keep people ignorant.  Their soothing words would tell you to give over your right to self determination to some higher force, only this higher force isn’t religion. They will ask you to put your trust in them as they leech off your power.

Never trust a person who asks you to trust them more than yourself.  They seek to make you lose faith in other people so you will put that faith in them.

The only way for us to stay free is to trust in ourself to know what is best for ourselves.  We have to know what is in our best interest.

The only way the public is aware of what is in their best interest, if they have responsibility for their own interest.  This is why socialism doesn’t work.  This is why welfare corrodes the public life.  When we have a master we put out knowledge of ourselves into someone else’s hands.

Democracy can work when the people zealously defend their own interest.  The wolves in our midst know this.  It’s why they populism, it’s why they hate democracy.  The more we believe in ourselves the more power we have.  The more power we have the less power they have.

So should we have democracy?  It’s our only shot to freedom.