Why Do You Feel So Good Being So Hateful?

“There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.” –Friedrich Nietzsche

You’re beliefs do not give you the right to talk to people any way you want.  Human beings are deserving of at least a modicum of respect.  You cannot go through this world personally attacking someone just because you two do not believe the same things.  When you do that you lose any high ground you may have had.

Say a man comes up to you and asks “How’s the weather?”

And then you reply, “Very good sir!  Though it’s raining I happen to find this weather wonderful!”

Then the man pauses, looks at you, takes his finger and waives it in your face, “You think this weather is nice?  So a snowstorm must be your idea of a fantastic vacation right?  Don’t talk to me until you get your G.E.D you ignorant swine.”  And then huffs and puffs his way home where he tells all his like minded friends so they can tell all their like minded friends and post it on the internet.

You will leave the conversation flabbergasted and appalled that someone would talk to you like that over something as innocuous as the weather.  Just because you both have different experiences with the weather, doesn’t mean he can deride you because you have a different perspective.

Now this conversation sounds silly to everyone because who would fight over the weather.  Well it is just as silly to throw personal attacks on someone because they don’t share your opinion on whatever popular cultural happenstance.

Instead of immediately assuming that the other person’s different opinion is a threat to you, why don’t you just say, “Hey, most people are evil psychopaths bent on destroying the world, so why don’t I approach this conversation like the other person may have a point?  Though I might have to work hard to find that point, I don’t automatically have to assume the worst.”

God if people would just do that they might find themselves a little more happy, and the world a little more tolerable.

In this country we value talk way more than action, and that’s dumb as hell

How come we’re so willing to condemn a person for saying the wrong thing, but don’t actually pay attention to a person’s actions?  We all act like there is only one correct line of thought and any deviation from the script is anathema to our existence.

It’s like we all sit around on our asses all day waiting for our feelings to be hurt by someone’s words so we can be justified in acting nasty. It feels good to be nasty and mean.  It makes us feel better to tear someone down. It makes us feel smarter to mock somebody.  Let me tell y’all something, there is a little nastiness in all humans.

The media was quick to turn the spotlight away from the many sins that Harvey Weinstein admits he did, to use it to attack something Donald Trump has said.

We talk about all these alleged racist statements and beliefs that Donald Trump has, but ignore the actual consequences Barrack Obama’s actions.

No wonder everyone is racists these days; all it takes is saying the wrong thing.

Disagree with Black Lives Matter? Racist.

Think the Confederate Statutes should stay? Racist.

Think abortion is murder? Sexist.

Believe that taxes should be lowered?  Racist and sexist.

Quoting the Declaration of Independence?  Racist, sexist, bigoted, xenophobic, arachnobobic, intolerant, etc.

For a country that is so obsessed with equality, all we think of is in terms of race and gender.  “You wanna know how to judge a man, tell me his gender!”


It wouldn’t be so bad if this were only the internet, but it’s everywhere.  Don’t tell your friends that you voted for Trump, you’ll quickly discover how much of a friend your friends are.  And they wonder why there was a “silent majority.”

Do people even remember the early thousands when George Bush was the anti-christ?  And now they’re all practically salivating because their media masters tell them Donald Trump is someone to hate.  When Jesus Christ was hung on the cross, I can’t help but feel that the people didn’t deserve him.  When I hear all the terrible things that people say about the President, I think that America doesn’t deserve him.

We’re all so willing to be the lap dogs of our betters

While I know that those at the top are bitter, why does that mean that we have to be?  Those at the top stand to lose something.  If we just stopped and thought for a couple of seconds we’d realize that we don’t have to disown our in-laws because their secret Trump supporters.

We also don’t have to follow the horns of war that our dear celebrities keep trumpeting.  It is very much a possibility that we every day people do not share the same interests as the celebrities that we so love to follow.  Though they love to pretend to be for every American, I somehow doubt that they live life in so like us normies.

Maybe that is why I take such a sick delight over the downfall of the NFL.  It’s why this Weinstein torpedo is just so funny.  The slow destruction of Hollywood is all I could ever want it to be.  Maybe with all these misguided institutions are gone, we’ll discover that we have much less to fight about.




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