While the World Keeps Moving, Illinois Keeps Sinking

George Orwell said, “some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them.”

It isn’t always easy living in Illinois.  Let me tell you, I do God’s work.  People here have no idea how brainwashed they are.  It’s likely they blindly keep electing the same stank politicians and then wonder why Illinois keeps having problems.

The state motto of Illinois politician is reminiscent of the postman “No tax too high, no regulation to tedious; Chicago will always take your money!”

And just when we think we have a governor who can finally stick it to the corrupt Chicago machine that controls this damn state, he goes and shows his ass to the rest of the world.

At least Illinois owes less the Puerto Rico

You would think that with the amount of money we pay in taxes here, we wouldn’t have a debt problem.  But I guess we have to look no further than Washington D.C. to learn that this isn’t true.  At least we’re relatively safe from hurricanes so we won’t be in the dire situation of Puerto Rico (well dire if the media is to be believed).

John O’Connor of the AP has just broken the news that the unpaid bills of the Great State of Illinois have reached the awe-inspiring sum of $16.5 billion.

Illinois is chasing a moving target as it tries to dig out of the nation’s worst budget crisis, and a review obtained by The Associated Press shows $7.5 billion worth of unpaid bills – as much as half the total – hadn’t been sent to the official who writes the checks by the end of June.

Although many of those IOUs have since been paid, a similar amount in unprocessed bills has replaced them in the last three months, Comptroller Susana Mendoza’s office said Monday. That’s in addition to $9 billion worth of checks that are at the office but being delayed because the state lacks the money to pay them.


And yet a man who wasn’t born in this state, doesn’t live in this state now, and probably won’t ever again, will use our tax dollars credit card to build his gigantic library that costs as much as an NFL stadium.

The Obama Library is on track to cost $1.5 billion, three times the $500 million it was projected to cost, and quite a bit of that will be borne by taxpayers.  Yet it won’t contain any library materials.  It won’t even be hooked up to the National Archives system – on account of it being too cheap to want to pay the six-figure costs of that purpose.

All it will have is online document access, which can be reached from any computer anywhere.  There will be nothing special about coming to the Obama library to do any kind of presidential research.

Do you know what they call a library without any books?  Well when it’s over a billion dollars and named after a narcissist I call that a shrine.  I guess we’ll all go there to be greeted by pictures of Obama kissing and his many Hollywood henchmen kissing his butt.

I’m sure Chicagoans will be excited for blocked community roads, off limit public park spacefundraising for Obama causes, community organizing, shoveling pork for South Side denizens such as basketball courts, and keeping Obama’s thirst quenched for anything celebrating himself.

Who knows if this “library” will be built?  Perhaps there is trouble in paradise.  Perhaps the marriage between the Illinois people and the machine is coming to an end.  They thought that Chicago was immunized to any grassroots populist movement.

And then they had a tax revolt.

Illinois says no to the beverage tax

How can a tax be designed to discourage an undesirable behavior and increase revenue at the same time?  It would seem to me that by doing the one you risk the other.  Politicians must disagree with this since  their modus operandi is discouraging vices such as cigarettes, carbon, and anything fun.

Maybe we should tax the hell out of abortion and we’d finally be rid of it (yeah right).

Look my Illinois politicians that read this blog religiously.  The people of Chicago and Cook country are sick of it.  As much as everybody in Chicago seems to hate Trump, they’ve been inspired by his populists flavored revolt.  They think they can take power away from you.  The don’t believe they have to follow you anymore.

Carolyn Grisko, president and CEO of Grisko, “Chicago and the state really have tax fatigue. Our income tax went up, our property taxes went up and we have a tax on plastic bags. . . . And this one tax was just the straw, it was the last straw for taxpayers. We did win on this issue (with the original vote) and Big Soda was not going to let this stand.”

The Board of Cook County, Illinois repealed its penny-per-ounce tax on sweetened beverages, by a vote of 15 to 2, after passing it only last July.

This death nail doesn’t sound good for the rest of the local governments in this country enacting similar laws.

In Cook County, the largest jurisdiction so far to have enacted a soda tax, Caitlin Dewey of the Washington Post reports:

Michael Bloomberg, meanwhile – the former New York City mayor who has made the soda tax battle his own – is said to have spent more than $10 million on radio and ad campaigns, and an unknown amount on lobbyists and mailers. Bloomberg has verbally committed to backing commissioners who supported their cause in next year’s elections.

The billionaire was also involved, with the American Heart Association and the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, in the wave of local soda taxes that swept through six locations in 2016. That established new sugary drink policies in Boulder, Colo., San Francisco and Cook County.

But where that movement once seemed unstoppable, cracks have begun to show. In May, Bloomberg and others backed a failed soda tax referendum in Santa Fe, which voters rejected by a wide margin.

Philadelphia’s soda tax, in effect since January, has also failed to generate the revenue that backers initially expected. Ongoing litigation with the soda industry has limited the reach of the pre-K program the tax was set to fund, and has empowered some of the policy’s critics.

You mean to tell me that a progressive tax plan didn’t work?  Color me horror I’m surprised!

shocked and appalled sex and the city

Michigan state lawmakers took notice of the uproar in Cook County and last week, in a pre-emptive move, sent a bill to the governor to ban local governments from imposing soda taxes.

• On Oct. 4, the St. Helen, Oregon, city council voted down a sugar-sweetened beverage tax.

• On May 2, voters in Santa Fe, New Mexico, defeated a proposed 2-cents-per-ounce tax on sodas.

• Last spring, West Virginia state lawmakers dropped a beverage tax proposal.

Chicago politicians have been fighting to keep their tax from the beginning.  When the tax was stopped in court, man did the fangs come out!

Greg Hinze of Crain’s Chicago Business writes:

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle is sending a strong message to anyone who wants to mess with her pop tax: Don’t.

In an action a judge said could have “a chilling effect” on government and citizens’ rights, county attorneys are seeking $17 million in damages from the Illinois Retail Merchants Association, the group that, with a couple of co-plaintiffs, won a temporary restraining order delaying the levy by about a month.

Preckwinkle spokesman Frank Shuftan says seeking damages is appropriate: “Actions have consequences.”

Yikes, Illinois politicians are addicted to their money!  Their like crack heads licking the grown for crumbs.  Too bad they don’t use some of that money to solve our murder problem and the generally awful conditions of the south and west sides of Chicago.

Chicago is still bringing up the countries shooting average

A liberal favorite is the theory that “X law used to work, but the Courts and the Republicans gutted the law.  All we have to do is reimplement the law as we originally wrote it!”

Now take that and apply that to your personal life. “If only I never drove my car and never had to see a mechanic, then my car would work perfectly!  All I have to do is build a time machine and get my original car back and never drive it!”

What our politicians are saying is that their little pet projects were perfect before implementation and they got bogged down by reality. They want to start over with the new car and never take it off the lot.

They only want to be judged by the dream, not graded on actual performance.  Believe me, these politicians are like kindergarteners worried about being spanked by their mom.  All I here is “it wasn’t my fault!”  Ok Mr. Politician it wasn’t your fault, but what are you going to do now?

Guess what, nine times out of ten they have no idea.

This is exactly what many people in Chicago say when Illinois is judged by our harsh gun laws accompanied by our high death by shooting.

In Chicago, 2,961 people have been shot this year. Illinois and Chicago both have gun control laws that have progressives every where wetting themselves to get.

Gun control policies don’t work because they disarm citizens while keeping criminals in possession of guns. Chicago’s strict policies have effectively given lawbreakers a monopoly on weapons in many parts of the city that the Chicago Police Department cannot or will not police effectively.

A nice contrast to Chicago for a natural experiment is Houston. Houston is very similar to Chicago in terms of socioeconomic factors such as population, density, and segregation. Houston, like Chicago, is a major center for illegal activities such as the drug trade and human trafficking. Despite all this, Houston has a murder rate two-thirds that of Chicago. This is because the people of Houston are well armed, while innocents in Chicago have been condemned to be sitting ducks.

So please the rest of America, take this as a cautionary tale; don’t do what Illinois does.  Double don’t do what Chicago does.   It should have been a sign from heaven that Barrack Obama was an Illinois politicians, but we didn’t head our warning.

We might fall into the sea of progressive debt and misery but you don’t have to.  Save yourself, and whatever is left of the rest of us in Illinois will join you if we make it.