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Give Up Your Doctor Mr. Schumer! Sell Out

“The two party system is there to make you think you have a choice”- G Edward Griffin.

Do you know the difference between a Democrat and Republican?  The Republican knows that his party is crap.  Democrats are still in denial.  Unfortunately for the rest of America, they will hide behind their denial while they take down the rest of us.

Every time I go on Twitter I’m greeted with Mr. Schumer’s face telling me about gun control, preaching on healthcare, or just plain trashing Trump.  So why don’t you just block him Justine?  Because then I couldn’t troll him!  (Admittedly I’m a bad troll).

Are they really this clueless on purpose or is there some sinister force behind the scenes carefully planning the trajectory of the nation.

When someone opens their mouth and says Obamacare is working is lying, and they’re probably a Democrat!

There is a simple five step process that the Democrats and RINOS will use to impose their system of slavery on us all:

  1. The Founding Fathers were racist slave holders
  2. Anything racist is illegitimate
  3. We must get rid of all illegitimate symbols of oppression, including the Constitution
  4. We create a new non-racist country, with a new Constitution
  5. You will never be allowed to criticize this new Constitution or new government

With no Constitution, we no longer have the limitations on the government that stops it from taking our rights completely.  Think of the Constitution as the cage that keeps the beast from devouring us.  I know everybody loves to say that we get our rights from the Constitution, WRONG!  We get our rights from God, not from the government.

There are other attacks on the Constitution that the Left tries simultaneously.  Their constant attack on the second amendment, their hate of free speech, and lastly the subject of this article: socialized healthcare, i.e. the single-payer-menace.

Contrary to what every Democrat preaches, single payer isn’t about giving you a right, it’s about taking away our freedom

How are our politicians going to demand quality healthcare for everyone, demand that half the country pay for the other half, and then take away our insurance but offer no alternative?

If single payer was really about guaranteeing free healthcare for everyone, why wouldn’t they challenge the power of the American Medical Association?  This corrupt organization have kept medical prices artificially high at the sake of the people.

According to Lew Rockwell:

The American Medical Association, which for almost 150 years has sought to institutionalize a rip-off and to keep sick people and their families oblivious to it.

  • Thanks to this central committee of the medical cartel, the number of medical schools and medical students is drastically restricted,
  • state licensure further obstructs the supply of doctors,
  • fees are largely secret and controlled across the industry,
  • alternative treatments and practitioners are outlawed,
  • pharmacists and nurses are hamstrung,
  • and the mystique of the profession rivals the priesthood, although priests have a somewhat lower income.

Meanwhile, the customer pays through the nose, even if he does not go to an otolaryngologist.

The truth is that the merger of the medical cartel and the state has always been the goal.  The partnership of government and medicine will allow the government to set the prices, dictate standard of care, and weasel their way into every American’s life.

When health is paid for by the many, the many take issue with the lives of the few.  Can smoking be legal when we all pay for healthcare?  What about candy?  Maybe the government mandates exercise to combat the costs of healthcare and the rising obesity.

It is time to pull the plug.  No longer will Congress operate with laws different that the average American.

Rumor has it that, in the wake of failure to repeal and replace Obamacare, President Trump may take executive action to enhance interstate competition.  He will team up with Rand Paul and do by executive order and legal interpretation, that Congress has absolutely failed to do.

It was only a little while ago that Trump tweeted,

“If Obamacare is hurting people, & it is, why shouldn’t it hurt the insurance companies & why should Congress not be paying what public pays?”

Instead of being forced into Single Payer, we’ll have a little bit of our free market, and Obamacare will be undone.  You know who will not participate in this, Congress and the rich celebrities practically stuffing socialized medicine down our throats.

Just like they’re exempt from Obamacare right now.  Maybe Trump has a point, and Congress should be forced to be on the law that they champion.

Ayn Rand, who lived under communism in Russia before coming to America, had this to say in 1946:

“The greatest good for the greatest number is one of the most vicious slogans ever foisted on humanity.  The slogan has no concrete specific meaning.  There is no way to interpret it benevolently, but a great many ways it can be used to justify the most vicious actions.”  She gives examples.  Nazi Germany decided that the greatest good would be killing the Jews.  They were after all, the majority and could define the greatest good.  The Chinese Great Cultural Revolution killed off over 100 million people for the greater good.

The traitors in Congress actually want to take the money of the people, and give it to insurance companies (remember the “evil insurance companies?”)

Yes, Obamacare has been such a failure that we need to give insurance companies money to keep the program afloat….makes as much sense Equifax being rewarded with a large IRS contract after their massive hack.

Mr. Do-No-Good-Schumer revealed Thursday that the deal was “on the verge” of a bipartisan compromise that would bail out the Obamacare exchanges.

To which Sen. Paul countered,

“They take money that they were giving to the poor for health care and give it to the rich who run the insurance companies.”

And Democrats have the nerve to never shut up their incessant denunciation of “tax cuts” for the rich.  It’s much better to just give tax money to them instead!

An alternative!

One of my favorite sights, American Thinker, gave a straight forward solution to our healthcare problem.  H.R. 372, repealing the antitrust exemption uniquely enjoyed by health insurers since 1945.

Specifically, the Senate can simply co-adopt H.R. 372, the “Competitive Health Insurance Reform Act of 2017,” which was passed by an overwhelmingly bipartisan vote of 416-7 on March 23, 2017.

This bill amends the McCarran-Ferguson Act to declare that nothing in that Act modifies, impairs, or supersedes the operation of antitrust laws with respect to the business of health insurance, including the business of dental insurance. This declaration does not apply to a contract, combination, or conspiracy to: [1] – collect, compile, or disseminate historical loss data; [2] – determine a loss development factor for historical loss data; [3] – perform actuarial services if the collaboration does not involve a restraint of trade; or [4] – develop or disseminate a standard insurance policy form if adherence to the form is not required. Prohibitions against unfair methods of competition apply to the business of health insurance without regard to whether the business is for-profit.”

But then again, we’re dealing with liars here.  So I don’t expect much.  The fall is the plan, high taxes, crappy healthcare, and the our guns replaced with the shovels we’ll used to dig our graves are the plan!

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