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A Fantastic Weekend of Winning

Good morning everybody!  It was a fantastic weekend with Donald Trump continuing to pound away at his enemies and the election results in Germany.  The liberal media is in the midst of ANOTHER breakdown.  They must feel how I felt when I watched It in theater.  You go into emotional coma around halfway through the movie.

It’s nice to win so big, and with the Alabama Senate race looking likely to culminate in a Roy Moore victory, the establishment is being brought to it’s knees everywhere.  From Hollywood to the News and now to football.  The world hasn’t seen united like it’s becoming through fighting for sovereign rights.  What screams united more than Nigel Firage campaigning for an Alabama senator?

Germany and the resurgence of conservatives

Angela Merkel won a fourth term as Chancellor after her party gained the largest share of the votes, but she was left seriously damaged as she hemorrhaged millions of votes to fringe parties including the far-right AfD.

“The first far-right seats in Parliament since the Nazis,” schtick is getting old.  Somehow they seem to be under the illusion that Nazi’s were far right. I think their political spectrum is a little skewed to the left.  We in America know that socialism is a leftist doctrine so we’re not as easily fooled by their Fake News bullcrap.

And mimicking the conspicuously staged Woman’s March in America, “protests” ignited all over Germany against the new “Nazis” having such a strong win. I encourage everyone to look up “Germany protest,” their hysteria is absolutely delicious.  It’s almost like November 8th all over again!

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I have news to all y’all so scared of Nazis, nationalism is the belief in sovereignty.  The Catholic Church teaches extensively on the subject.   Immigration control is a sovereign right, the EU threatens every countries right of self determination.  When you ignore your citizens and put faux altruism in front of your people then you get the backlash you deserve.

Trump puts his boot on the throat of the NFL

To alter the words used commonly around the black community: Everyman wants to be MLK but don’t nobody want to be MLK.  These celebrity activists need to look up “sacrifice” in the dictionary, because all I see is entitlement.

I wrote this piece on the NFL last night but it wasn’t enough.  I’ve never been in the military, and the last veteran in my family were both of my grandfathers.  These misguided protestors do not know what they’re doing.

How can you demonstrate anything while attack the wrong enemies?  Is the problem all white people everywhere?  Something as amorphous as white supremacy?

The problem with the many “isms” that plague this country is how they’re exploited as political tools instead of any meaningful advocacy.  When Hillary Clinton claims that women voting for Trump is a result of sexism you have to scratch your head and reconsider the notion of sexism.

When Chelsea Handler calls Stacey Dash a white supremacist (pardon the crappy link, it’s just important that y’all see the absolute hypocrisy of today’s left) you start to question, not if Stacey Dash is in fact some kind of racist, but the whole notion of white supremacy.

The left are eating they’re own causes.  Any points they may have had are ruined by their messy attack of those that disagree with them.  Players are losing sponsorship, the NFL viewers, fans are destroying memorabilia, and many are questioning the millions of public dollars going to the NFL.

So back to Colin Kaepernick and these MLK wannabes.  I have few questions for them:

  1. When fighting the government abuses and misuses, why punish American fans who are just as innocent as you are?
  2. If you really care so much, why don’t you refuse to play?  Now that is a protest!
  3. How come y’all change what your protesting against so much?
  4. Wait, do y’all even know what your protesting anymore?
  5. Why do you hate America?
  6. Do you believe in anything?
  7. How come your hate your fans?
  8. Do you believe you’re entitled to your fans?
  9. Why don’t you protest the awful politicians and poverty pimps that exploit the poor in this country?
  10. Why don’t you protest the drug trade destroying communities?
  11. Why don’t you protest how awful our public schools are with our bloated over paid administrators?
  12. Why don’t you protest anybody but the people who pay your bills?
  13. When will you start listening to the people instead of talking at them?
  14. How can a protest be effective if it makes conversation not about whatever issue you’re protesting, but about you?

dumb athletes

I think I’m just going to leave you with the words of the loan Pittsburg Steelers to come out of the tunnel during the National Anthem.  The man who puts his money where his mouth is, a former Army Ranger and two time Afghanistan veteran Alejandro Villanueva:

I don’t know if the most effective way is to sit down during the national anthem with a country that’s providing you freedom, providing you $16 million a year…when there are black minorities that are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan for less than $20,000 a year.

Trump adds travel restrictions

And finally while the ballplayer stars of America were crying that anybody would fail to kiss their ass, Trump added and expanded his travel restrictions.  You see, the NFL was so busy killing itself that the left was distracted and didn’t notice Trump destroy one of their pet causes.

And there you have what I call a very good weekend!

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