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Alt-Right Germany? Move Over Merkel!

Eventually, the tension and anger will explode, initiating a course of events that will bring about the rise of a new, more powerful, more assertive, more terrifying Germany! Truth be told, Germany’s crisis won’t end if Angela Merkel is reelected—it will get worse. Much, much worse.-Brad Macdonald

Did you hear?  Angela Merkel is the new leader of the free world.  Apparently this happened right around the time Donald Trump took over as President. And Americans are supposed to take this as an insult!  I say how can a president represent his country and the world? Based on Merkel’s leadership in Germany, the answer is not very well.

Angela Merkel is the woman Teresa May and Hillary Clinton aspire to be.  Or maybe Angela Merkel wants to be Hillary Clinton?  Who knows!

Somehow these three women have given women world leaders everywhere a bad rep.  They are the queens of hidden motives.  Just look at the ultimate villains in the Hunger Games, Maze Runner, and Divergent.  Notice anything similar?  They’re all stoic duplicitous power-hungry women!  But instead of a pretty Julianne Moore, Germany has Lena Dunham.

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Angela Merkel is currently seeking a fourth term after 12 years in office (aren’t you proud to be in America where there are term limits to a President?).  Merkel is as adept as Hillary of saying whatever she needs to get elected (though she never goes far enough as admitting that there is a migrant crises).

Her campaign has been fueled by an uncharacteristic nationalism. Unlike in previous elections, Merkel’s Christian Democratic Party used the colors of the German flag in election posters.  Which goes the total opposite way of her hatred of all things populist.  This change is likely a response from angry Germans that are fearful of what’s becoming of their country.

Back in 2015, Merkel boldly said Germany could accommodate 500,000 migrants annually for the next several years, and that $6.6 billion had been set aside for costs related to processing and accommodating them.  Refugees in Germany receive up to €346 per month. This proves that when your economy is booming spend spend spend and let every one in!

Like all progressives, she is not content to just employ her harmful policies on her own country.  No, every other country must do so as well.

Merkel thinks she can bully America to continue Europe’s suicidal policies.  She’ll flip her lid if America actually cuts taxes like Trump is planning to do.  I don’t know which one freaks Euro-crazies out more, pulling out of the Paris Agreement or tax reform!

They are deeply afraid of change.  They might lose their power and their plans for a world government like their precious EU would be destroyed.

Louis Rouanet recently noted:

It has now become clear that in many ways the European Union is a cartel of high-tax governments whose goal is to restrain tax competition. The EU’s supposedly free — this is, regulated — trade policy is none other than an excuse to homogenize the tax and regulatory regimes of the nation-states.

The ultimate goal of the high-tax member states such as France is to use the EU to milk as much as possible from the productive members of society without losing their tax base.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel made sure to denounce any post-Brexit move on the part of the United Kingdom to lower corporate taxes. It’s like a bunch of milk farmers got together to set the price of milk. Their plan to increase profits only works if all milk farmers agree.

As you can probably guess, the temptation to lower prices on your competitors is tough to fight.  Which is partly why the EU is so desperate to keep Britain in line.

It’s Election Season!

Germany, the eurozone’s largest economy, holds national elections on Sept. 24 with Chancellor Angela Merkel widely expected to win another term.

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Chancellor Angela Merkel has urged German voters to stand up against the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany in Sunday’s national election, as polls suggest support for her own party is slipping.

Support for Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union and her Bavarian CSU allies slid to 36 percent compared with 40 percent in early August.

Naturally German leadership blames far-right meddling to explain her drop in support and the influx of support for “alt-right” conservatives.  More specifically they blame the American “alt-right” that elected Donald Trump.

Merkel’s state-owned and operated broadcasting service, Deutsche Welle, constantly attacks the American president and regurgitates the Fake News of our own leftist opposition media.  A state funded German organization also donated money to the Clinton Foundation before the election.

“A lot of the stuff we are seeing in Germany can be linked to, or is at least inspired by, the ‘alt-right’ movement in the U.S.,” Simon Hegelich professor of political science data said, referring to a loosely defined group whose far-right ideology includes racism and white nationalism.

It’s possible that some of this alt-right messaging coming out of the U.S. may be connected to Russian interference; that, too, is difficult to determine Hegelich.

The Alternative for Germany (AfD) is a far-right party that seemingly sprung from nowhere. The AfD was only founded in April 2013. Less than six months later, it won 4.7 percent of the vote in the federal election. By spring 2017, the AfD had representation in 13 of the 16 German state parliaments.

The AfD will win around 10 percent of the vote in the upcoming September 24 election. It is expected to take about 50 seats in the Bundestag, giving it dozens of politicians in Germany’s federal government. Some polls show that the AfD could actually place third, behind Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union and the Social Democrats.

If Merkel wins, she could forge ahead with plans to pursue closer political and economic union with EU members, in other words, keep the status quo.

Germany is a beacon of freedom for the world!  That is why they must protect against Russian hacking of their election.  According to USA Today:

Merkel has sought to blunt potential Russian interference through aggressive public information campaigns, by establishing additional cybersecurity agencies and strategies and by ushering in the Network Enforcement Act, a law that comes this October will find social media companies up to $57 million if they do not remove hate speech, defamation and incitements to violence within 24 hours.

Funny that they fear Russian meddling so deeply when Obama spied on Merkel.  It doesn’t count as meddling when the United States does it!  Or more specifically when left-wing EU allies like Obama does it.

The  cost of a Merkel win

Germany might be doing well economically for now, but they’re their highly contoured facade is hiding a hag.

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Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Germans to stay calm in the face of Islamist terrorism and, as Bloomberg reports, criticized nationalists for offering false hopes of security, signaling she’ll count on voters to opt for stability when she runs for a fourth term in 2017.

Ms. Angela speaks with great pride of Germany’s open arms.   She is the force behind the refugee intake in Europe.  You know the refugee children from Syria and other war-torn countries?  The ones that are predominantly kids and women?

That is just Fake News.

The asylum seekers are also overwhelmingly male. Of the 411,567 refugees/migrants who have entered the European Union by sea so far this year, 72% have been male, 13% women and 15% children, according to calculations by the United Nations Refugee Agency.

This has led to sex workers and rape being no where more prevalent than in a migrant camp.  The Bavarian Broadcasting (Bayerischer Rundfunk), reports that the price for sex with female asylum seekers is ten euros. A social worker described the facility this way: “We are the biggest brothel in Munich.”

Meanwhile police insist they have no proof that rapes are taking place.  God bless Merkel for taking in those refugees right? Germany’s growing rape problem is worth the cost of protecting these poor migrants.

And it’s not just the rape, but the terrorism.  When will any country in Europe admit that they have a terrorist problem?  Would Germany and France be America’s fate had we elected Hillary Clinton?

The most leaders like Angela are willing to do is censor alt-right hate speech.  Will one of my non-conservative readers please connect the dots for me between alt-right trolls on the internet and rape in migrant camps?  I really don’t understand it.

These progressive EU leaders will have nothing but themselves to blame for whatever disaster befalls Germany once Angela Merkel steers Germany towards more of the status quo.  For a country so ashamed of their past, they refuse to acknowledge the forces that created Nazi Germany.  I fear that they will face someone far more sinister than Donald Trump if they do not start listening to their people.

European elites are operating through fear now.  The public has reached its propoganda saturation point and they won’t put up with much more.  They see what’s happening in America and they want in.

The world is uniting, just not how elite globalists like Angela Merkel wanted.  Brexit, Donald Trump, and Poland’s resistance to the EU will unite patriots everywhere to fight for unity through sovereignty.  We fight together because we fight for ourselves.

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