Betsey DeVos

Is Betsy DeVos the Devil?

Ah, you miserable creatures! You who think that you are so great! You who judge humanity to be so small! You who wish to reform everything! Why don’t you reform yourselves? That task would be sufficient enough.-Frédéric Bastiat

Edit 9-22-17: Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has rescinded the “Dear Colleague” letter that advised colleges on how to investigate allegations of sexual assault on campus. The letter, which was issued in 2011, has since been replaced by a new interim policy.

Let’s go through the list to determine if she is in fact a devil:

  1. Is she wealthy?  Check.
  2. Is she also a Republican?  Check.
  3. Is there really a need for another question? Nope!

Hmm, well it appears all these liberals are right and Bestsy DeVos is in fact the devil!  But the last time I checked, being the devil didn’t disqualify you from public office.  I mean Hillary Clinton was our Secretary of State was she not?  And what about famous Attorney General Janet Reno?  Both devils but never called unqualified.

This must be certifiable proof that being evil does not disqualify you from your job!  Don’t worry Roger Goodall your job is safe! But wait, you’re telling me that Mrs. DeVos is not unqualified because she is the devil, but because she doesn’t have the experience of devils such as Hillary Clinton and Janet Reno?

Let’s look at a brief synopsis of this woman’s history:

DeVos was a philanthropist based in Michigan, where she chaired the Republican party and influenced many of the state’s education policy decisions, including the expansion of vouchers and the passage of Michigan’s charter school law in 1993. She also served as the chairman of the board of the American Federation for Children, as well as a board member of the Foundation for Excellence in Education and the Education Freedom Fund.

And here I thought it was every young twenty-something’s dream of working in a non-profit!  I guess not when Satan herself is the one helming the charity.  Rules only apply to our enemies, duh.

I generally never trust a “philanthropist,” one only has to look at the Clinton Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, or the Red Cross to lose all faith in charity. Neither do I ever trust a politician just because they have been a politician.

But if we were to judge DeVos charity on topic and not merit, every charity endeavor she was involved in related to children and education.  Looking at her philanthropic record I fail to see where she is unqualified.

Can anybody name one head of the Department of Education before Devos? I bet you can’t, and even if you could I doubt you would be able to give me their qualifications.

Kermit the frog gif

In today’s world all that qualifies for experience is how many years you’ve spent buried in the bureaucratic labyrinth. Truly expertise in paper pushing is the only thing that matters!  Especially in a department as massive and wasteful as the Department of Education!

Does anybody remember the days when we judged a man for what he stood for and not for his politics?  Me neither.  It seems we’re doomed for sound bites and regurgitated commentary.  Why form an opinion on what someone actually says, when we can listen to Rachel Maddow telling us what they mean.

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Somewhere along the way education became more about the adults than the children.  More about teachers unions than actual teachers, and more about public schools than actual education.

Surely Mrs. DeVos devil horns started forming when she openly supported charter schools.  And I know that red tint to her skin was from supporting home schools.  In fact her pointy tale always pokes out when she openly opposes common core.

Never mention reform to bureaucrat or a career politician.  You see, they think in terms of losing their jobs.  Any hint at change and you’ll see the real hob goblin behind that sickly sweet-wouldn’t hurt a bee just cares about the kids- charm.

How is one of, if not the most, contested Trump nomination Betsy DeVos?  Are we truly so brainwashed as a society that the Teacher’s Union’s say jump and we ask how high?  People are chronically demanding change, yet are waiting to crucify the people working to bring it about.

People are quick to ask me about Ms. Betsy, “You don’t really believe that she’s doing it for the children?”  These people lack the ability to judge incentives properly.  Who in their right mind would sign up to be so hated?  This lady has had her name dragged through the mud, is talked to like garbage, and talked about like she designed Hitler’s mustache!

She is already rich as heck and I fail to see what money she’s going to squeeze from the Department of Education when she is decreasing the power of the department.

You could give me Lupin the Third himself as the Secretary of Treasury and I’d be hard pressed to doubt him if his platform was smaller government with less spending!  Heck give me Little Finger for President if it meant a limited government.

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So if she isn’t doing it for what she believes in, some one please comment below on her ultimate scheme to steal the Holy Grail from the Trump Tower.  While y’all are at it, please just admit how much courage she has to tackle tough politically charged questions.

The Fake News Media just about had a tizzy when she announced her plans for Title IX reform.

If walking back Obama regulations is evil, I don’t want to see good!

Like all things liberals believe, criticize one component of the rule and endorse the evil the rule is “trying” to protect.  We can’t question if the rule is ineffective or does more harm than good.  No one a rule is made it becomes sacred law and anybody that tries to touch it will see their political capital fall.

Since Mrs. DeVos never had much political stock nationally, maybe that is why she was so willing to face the flames by walking back Obama’s sexual assault rules.

HIs 2011 guidance forced colleges and universities to investigate and adjudicate claims of sexual discrimination, from alleged rapes to offensive language, in on-campus tribunals according to a sub-legal preponderance of evidence standard.

Education’s Office of CivilRights required colleges and universities to play by the government’s rules or else give up government money.  Schools complied, under financial and reputational duress.

The Obama administration’s response sparked a backlash, not just from the accused and their families but from well-regarded law school professors who say new rules went too far.

From Harvard Law faculty:

  • The absence of any adequate opportunity to discover the facts charged and to confront witnesses and present a defense at an adversary hearing.
  • The lodging of the functions of investigation, prosecution, fact-finding, and appellate review in one office, and the fact that that office is itself a Title IX compliance office rather than an entity that could be considered structurally impartial.
  • The failure to ensure adequate representation for the accused, particularly for students unable to afford representation.

They lynch mobs don’t care about the actual consequences of suspending due process.  They love nothing more than to ride the waves of public fervor.  How disturbingly similar do politicians today discussing sexual sound like politicians from the 80s passing draconian drug laws.

Rep. Jared Polis, a Democrat from Colorado, who in a congressional hearing on Title IX and sexual assault declared to applause from the audience:

If I was running [a private university], I might say, “Well, you know even if there’s a 20 to 30 percent chance that it happened, I would want to remove this individual.

He added:

… if there’s 10 people who have been accused, and under a reasonable likelihood standard maybe one or two did it, it seems better to get rid of all 10 people.

Clearly we want that guy away from our criminal justice system! He must have missed the whole innocent until proven guilty thing.

Much of the public fear comes from sexual assault surveys.  Much of that fear is expounded by not reading the data thoroughly.

A new campus sexual assault survey (PDF) from the Association of American Universities finds that 23 percent of female undergraduates say they have been victims of sexual assault or misconduct.

The study clashes with data gathered by the Justice Department between 1995 and 2013, which found that college-age women who aren’t students are more likely to be raped or sexually assaulted than women who are students. The number of victims was significantly lower than those in other recent surveys: 7.6 of 1,000 non-students compared to 6.1 of 1,000 students.

While advocates say most students don’t report their alleged assaults because they believe they’ll be met with skepticism, 63 percent of students who participated said they believed a report of sexual assault or sexual misconduct would be taken seriously by campus officials, and 56 percent said it was extremely likely that school officials would protect the safety of those reporting sexual assault or misconduct.

The preponderance-of-evidence standard demanded by OCR requires schools to make life-altering decisions even when there is great doubt. Penn State, for instance, instructs its adjudicators to find the accused guilty if they deem there is a 50.01 percent likelihood that a violation occurred, adding that this means they “may have considerable reservation” about their decision.

Emily Yoffe from the Atlantic wrote a three piece series on the dangers of Obama’s sexual assault rules.

Defendants have myriad protections not typically found in Title IX proceedings, such as receipt of a specific, written complaint; clear rules of evidence; knowledge of the testimony of adverse witnesses; and the rights to discovery, cross-examination, and the calling of expert witnesses.

In part III Yoffe lambasts the lack of discussion of race when it comes to these sexual assault cases.  Liberals want to discuss race on every facet of our lives except when it comes to sexual assault on college campuses.

While the Office for Civil Rights (OCR), which regulates how colleges respond to sexual assault, collects a lot of data on race, it does not require colleges and universities to document the race of the accused and accuser in sexual-assault complaints (well I’m glad we document race on everything else!).

Since there are no national statistics for race and college sexual assault, there is no way to definetively tell if this is even a problem.  Instead we must rely on the anecdotal stories from around the country.  And believe me there are quite a few.

From article, “Trading the Megaphone for the Gavel in Title IX Enforcement

American racial history is laced with vendetta-like scandals in which black men are accused of sexually assaulting white women, that the accused men were not wrongdoers at all.  Morning-after remorse can make sex that seemed like a good idea at the time look really alarming in retrospect; and the general social disadvantage that black men continue to carry in our culture can make it easier for everyone in the adjudicative process to put the blame on them. Case after Harvard case that has come to my attention, including several in which I have played some advocacy or adjudication role, has involved black male respondents.- Janet Halley, 2015 Harvard Law Review.

Instead of discussing how any young man should treat a lady, I’m sitting here having to defend some boys who treat girls like trash because they don’t deserve the Title IX Kangaroo Courts.

In 2015, in The New Yorker, Jeannie Suk Gersen, a Harvard Law School professor, wrote that in general, the administrators and faculty members she’s spoken with who “routinely work on sexual-misconduct cases” say that “most of the complaints they see are against minorities.”

Ms. Jackson, who heads the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights and organized Thursday’s sessions, made clear that she believes investigations under the 1972 law known as Title IX have gone deeply awry.

If Betsy DeVos is a devil, she is the devil we need

Some of my readers may be out of college for awhile so they have trouble grasping just how bad the problem is.  Some of you may think of a time when it was impossible to bring sexual assault charges.  We are making a mockery of the law, the victims, and our college campuses.  Regardless of how you feel about Mrs. DeVos, she is right about this issue.

And this is just one issue.  Our education is plagued with several more.   To make the United States schools competitive globally, she is going to have to gut the whole institution.

To all you progressives out there worrying about Betsy DeVos dissembling the Department of Education:

  1. I hope you’re happy sacrificing kids for some sacred cow of a crappy government bureaucracy
  2. I hope she smashes it to pieces.  I hope she breaks it so bad that nobody can ever put this monstrosity back together.