Freedom is Equality Through Diversity

Freedom and equality are sworn and everlasting enemies, and when one prevails the other dies.-Will and Ariel Durant

Give me a diverse group of men at a table, then throw some money on the table.  Watch their eyes change, watch how fast that diversity turns to money. You tell me the diversity in greed?

This is what life has become; W.E.B Dubois‘ wet dream.  A place where political diversity is the key to ‘equality.’  His dream of black advancement through gaining political power. It’s funny how quickly a seat at the political table becomes money in the pocket.

Poverty pimps are made this way.  When identity guides you, it’s easier to mistake what’s good for you as automatically good those that share your identity.  Their is no merit based metric for judging identity so action is never expected.

Did any of you watch those ridiculous self congratulatory award shows anymore?  Where the rich haves preach to the have-nots what we should believe.  When Issa Rae said she wanted black people to win, what she really meant was black people with money, great connections, and believes what she believes.

Let’s be serious, these people wouldn’t know diversity if they were born in the Congo.  They’re too busy getting high off the fumes of their own ass holes.  These award shows incubate the masses while the partakers engage in a philanthropic pissing contest. (Has anyone ever seen Chance the Rapper and Jane Fonda in the same room?  Because surely they’re the same person.)

Gotenks fusion dance gif

Aren’t they all so cute celebrating themselves as our heroes?  I just want to sit down with each one of them, look deep into their eyes, and ask them how far does it go?  When is this “revolution” over? When do they lay down their swords and say ok we’ve got what we want?

Real leaders show, they don’t preach.  They’re lives are a testament to their virtue, and they live in conscience with their vices.  I look around at Hollywood elites and wonder why any of them would hold themselves as people we should imitate.

Diversity is the means to equality

Hollywood’s favorite leading man is Barack Obama.  They’re favorite leading lady used to be Hillary Clinton, but with the release of her new book, What Happened?, nobody but Kate McKinnon feels comfortable voicing such an opinion.  (Being the world’s biggest sore loser has that effect on people, even delusional leftist surprisingly).

And Barack Obama eats this crap up.  At Barack Obama’s table color doesn’t matter, you just have to be a card carrying member of the elite.  No elite is left out, from Hollywood to K-Street, to wall street, elites everywhere are welcome!  A lesson in diversity by just existing, he brought that same shallow tokenism to the rest of America..

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What difference does your skin color make if you all think the same thing? Go to the same schools, have the same friends, wear the same clothes, and have the same blood money?  That sounds less like diversity and more like insuring that members of the club all have the same thought patterns.

When the elites of America cried that the popular vote should be the great decider of President elections, they don’t care about the diversity of thought lost through killing the electoral college.  When no vote matters except for the corroded urban cesspools, where is the diversity?

The truth is that proponents of diversity love it when we all talk the same but look different.  The ultimate goal of diversity is equality.  Through representation we will all have one voice.

Equality is freedom

Do you know why progressive elites everywhere want equality so badly?  Because as long as equality is the goal, someone will have to enforce it.  Though we have been brainwashed to think differently, people are not made equal.  Some are better looking, some smarter, and some stronger.

If nature makes us unequal, something else must be the equalizer. Authoritarians of all times have been scheming of ways to consolidate power.  What better way than to have the people beg you to take it.

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So you see, we will become enslaved by our passions and blinded to reality.  The devil will have seduced us with the apple of equality.  And in the process of becoming equal we will give up our freedom.