Conservatives Will Win the Culture War

Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armor yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.- George R.R. MartinA Game of Thrones

We’ll win because we’re tougher.  We know that we will never be liked so we gave up trying to rack up pretend popularity points.  You see here in the real world we know that adulation from the crowds doesn’t last.  The people always needs someone to ridicule.  Nothing pleases people more than the thrill of the public takedown.  They love smelling fresh blood in the water.

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You see the liberals actually believe that it could never be them.  Since they’ve been conditioned to not apply any of their rules to themselves, it comes as a great surprise when the public turns on them. It’s way easier to predict when this moment will happen than you think.  It happens in stages.

Stage One

First there is an explosion in popularity.  The popularity only need be as big as the pool you swim in. You can be the up-and-comer in the office, the high school It Girl, or just the budding alpha in a friend group. All it takes is for people to start hearing about you, it’s the moment when the public starts believing the hype.

All of a sudden you don’t have to work so hard to be heard.  When you speak, what you say becomes reality just because you said it.  People start gravitating to you more, your calendar is full of social engagements.  Before you had to apply for a gig, now people are blowing up your phone to get you.

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There is a tiny moment before this all goes completely to your head.  There is still a little bit of you in there, the public hasn’t infiltrated your self-esteem.  You ask yourself if it’s real. ‘Why you?’ You ask yourself, surely your no better than anybody else.  There is a small part of you that knows that public perception is not always reality.

Don’t worry, you will become adept at pushing this emotions deep into your subconscious.

Stage Two

This stage is simultaneously the most exhausting but also the one where you’ll feel the most regret.  The public is a greedy bastard.  To make it to the top there has to be a sacrifice. You need to prove to the public that you’re an alpha by taking down another alpha.

This is a game of whispers and carefully planned public statements.  You’ll watch the people you used to look up to closely. You’ll wait for a tear in their armor so you can stab them in the back.  Like Nicki Minaj used Lil Kim to claw her self to the top of the rap world, you’ll attack.

You’ll publicly attack them by attacking their suddenly vulnerable public image.  Maybe you insinuate that they’re not enough of a feminist and plant some rumors of a feud between them and Mother Teresa. Or maybe you don’t have to insinuate anything, they said something completely off the wall that one of your friends heard and you’re just too eager to tell everyone else.  It doesn’t matter how you do it, only that you have a large audience.

The bloodier the takedown the happier the public.

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The ego will completely take a hold of you by this point. There will be little remaining of what was once you.  You are now a sock puppet subject to the whims of the public.

Stage Three

Stage three is the part when the game is no fun.  You’re no longer a puppet, now you’re full on addicted to public opinion.  You crave the likes, you crave the attention and you don’t know who you are anymore without it.  You think you know exactly what to say to people to keep the adulation coming.  You try even harder to conform to this warped public perception, but you know deep down it isn’t true. It doesn’t matter though because you have become too good at shutting that voice off.

While your self esteem has left you little by little, your ego has convinced you that you’re unstoppable. You become over confident.

You slip up.  Suddenly the public isn’t as malleable anymore.  They’ve grown used to you, your stock has risen to its precipice and the people are hungry to see it fall.  Maybe it’s instigated by someone you stepped on to get here (I know! You didn’t have a choice!)  Maybe it’s some new young hopeful itching to take your spot, it won’t matter in the end.

Like Britney Spears in the 00s your fall will be broadcasted and the public will be in a frenzy to get a taste.

Your misstep was believing that you were untouchable.  You actually believed that the public really loved you. You thought you were the one that was different from the rest.  But you’re weren’t.  No one is, because the public is not something we’re meant to please. They live for this moment.

The sycophants you called your friends will disappear, looking for some other alpha to attach themselves to.  You will never feel more alone.

Zombies attack

This is the point from where many do not return.  Their public image is shot, the rush of public opinion has faded into painful withdrawals.  It takes more and more to get you high and the high barely seems worth it.  The voices in your head are louder than ever, the whisper that started in the beginning is now a full on yell.  You no longer know who you are anymore.

One of three things will happen:

  1. You quit.  Walk away with what little strength you have left.  You switch schools, quit the industry, find new friends, whatever it takes.  The public will move on to some new take down and you will be forgotten as quickly as you came.
  2. You become a sycophant yourself.  You’re a junkie that can’t kick the habit and you descend into some parody of yourself that you can’t escape.  You fight for whatever popularity you can get, where once you were the good girl universally loved, now you’re the trashy girl that the public would love to forget. If you’re real connected you sell off more of your soul for some high ranking friends to save you.
  3. You move to stage four.


Stage Four

If you make it to stage four you’ve regained your sense of self but you will never be the person you were. You no longer care about the public because you can’t.  The public will never stop looking for a weakness to exploit.  Your competitors will never stop gunning for your spot and you know this.   But like Daenerys rising from the fire, you will be immune to their flames.

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The only solution is complete rejection.  With that rejection comes ridicule and a loss of social status, but it is the only way that you will come out of this with your self respect.  A true conservative knows that the respect from one person is  worth more than the favor of a million Megan Kellys.

It’s why nobody cared about Donald Trump’s ‘grab them by the p*ssy’ talk, it’s why PewDiePie won’t lose a single follower.  More people have been bitten by the public than benefit from it. The truth is inescapable now, with every public take down the conservative movement grows stronger.

Liberals are so far gone that they don’t see it.  They still see themselves as the underdogs. They associate their actions with a moral imperative that’s justified in its viciousness.  Usually they learn their lesson through the painful fall from grace.  And the irony?  All of these sacrifices become part of the very conservative counter culture that they are trying so desperately to kill.

They’ll become one of us if they like it or not.


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