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Will the Democrats Ever Learn From Republican Mistakes?

The Republican majority, left to its own devices from 1995 to 2000, was a party committed to limited government and restoring the balances of federalism with the states. Clearly, President Bush has had a different vision, and that vision has resulted in education and welfare policies that have increased the size and scope of government.- Mike Pence

Can we just start this by saying that there is no altruism?  Can we come to an agreement that people are not motivated by peace and love?  Can’t we just admit that no human being is superior than any other in entitlement or morality?  Politics today is a practice of pretending to love one each other more while simultaneously hiding every dirty thought we’ve ever had.

We could try to rank our Presidents, and based on the way the public talks about Andrew Jackson, and Thomas Jefferson, the list would favor the President later in time.  American’s are conditioned to think in terms of morality, a person’s effectiveness has completely been replaced with a person’s “compassion.”

Instead of defining a “good” President by how they balanced the budget, wars they won, response in a disaster, the improvement in everyday America’s life, lowered crime, or fighting corruption we ask did they donate to charity?  Were they racist?

This kind of analysis has made politics impossible.  I don’t know if it’s on purpose and there is a Palpatine behind the scenes manipulating disagreements into a standoff, but our Democracy may very well go the way of the Galactic Republic in Start Wars.

Palpatine I am the Senate

This impossibility is the result of our politicians, not of the people.  It’s just the reality we live in that we elect politicians that lie to us.  But then our dumb asses just re-elect them.  Politicians just love to campaign on false promises and feed the increasingly desperate public excuses for their betrayals.

Our crooked politicians actually believe that they can continue defrauding the people and there will be no consequences.  Want to know why they think this nice little set up will exist in perpetuity?Because they think you’re retar-I mean stupid. If you didn’t know this before I told you, well at least you’re not stupid any more!

So here we are today, where families are being broken up because of political beliefs.  Do we really live in such a moral absolutist world where you’re family can disown you because you support a politician that they don’t like.  And to my liberals that are still sane enough to see how insane that is, does this not make you sick?

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Oh wait I get it!  If Trump is literally Hitler so that means that the United States is literally Nazi Germany!  So it our sacred duty to stand up and shame anyone who expresses anything less than utter disgust for the President.

And that my readers is the harm in moral absolutism.  When politics are black and white, the grandstander always wins.

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I have news for everyone (that I have to tell people all the time because people still don’t get the message) it doesn’t have to be this way.  We are fighting the battles for our overlords.   And that is just dumb. Politics are dumb, we don’t have to be.  Join me on this side.  The right side, where the grasses green and the weather is nice.

Admit to yourself that the space between George Bush and Barack Obama is about the distance between Chance the Rappers eyes.

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I don’t know if I want to yell at George Bush or kiss him

On the one hand he took all the momentum of the Republicans in the 1990s and smashed it to pieces by forcing Republican’s to ride for a RINO.  But on the other, he forced a conservative revolution in the Republican Party.  If George Bush hadn’t been as bad as he was, maybe John McCain would still be the model Republican.

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Georgie gave us the Tea Party.  And the Tea Party brought life back into Republicans.   Because of them there is somebody in Washington discussing our national debt.  They forced the whole Republican Party to hold to the right when they so desperately wanted to curve to the left.

And let’s not forget to thank Obama!  Because really, if Obama hadn’t won in 2008, there would be no Trump in 2016.  If Obama hadn’t broken so many of his promises, we might be championing a President Sanders right now (or worse a President Clinton!).

God most definitely has our backs, because if things hadn’t gone down the way they had, it would be the Republicans instead of the Democrats imploding. And we would be on the foot trails of a left-wing populist movement.  It only took destroying the Middle East and a regulatory leviathan to get us here!

Me and my conservative (or European Liberal) friends have the right idea.  Really the rest of America doesn’t have to join the Trump Train, but they should really consider not making it their life’s goal to oppose him.  Sometimes when we obsess over the actions of others, it is because we’re avoiding working on our self.  And really what do Democrats need more than a little Tea Party revolution?


Republicans have rejected George Bush.  When will the Democrats reject Obama?

Problem with Democratic Party? There’s no Breitbart. The problem in the Democratic Party? They haven’t had a civil war…And you know why? The financial crisis shows you that…And until they vet that, until they have their civil war, they’ll never be competitive.- Steve Bannon on 60 Minutes

The Democrats are falling behind.  They may laugh at how ineffective Republican leaders like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are, but that is just the hysterical shrieks of a dying man.  What high ground do you have when Tom Perez and Keith Ellison are running the DNC?

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Obama’s legacy is falling apart.  The further we get from his Presidency the more the shill media and paid for internet advertisers will start telling the truth about how badly he failed.  And I know it’s going to suck!  While I never was a Bush fan, I image it will felt the same way for Republicans to ditch the Bush legacy.

Ousting establishment Democrats won’t be easy, and the actual grass roots movement will take years to build.  But don’t y’all want to run the best possible candidate in 2024?  Because you’re not really winning when someone like Biden or Kamala Harris wins the nomination.  They are the McCain and Romney of the DNC.

A little entropy (I’ve been watching too much Teen Wolf recently) would do Democrats some good. All of America will be better for it.  Some say that the world is ending.  Politics as we know it is ending. But things have to be broken down so we can be remade into something better.  Something more genuine.

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