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How to be Conservative in a World Gone Crazy

I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made.-Franklin D. Roosevelt

How many of you are called judgmental all the time?  Though I would like to be more like Eddard Stark from Game of Thrones, people have me feeling like Rachel from Glee.

In the words of Pacey Witter, it sucks up one way and down the other.  I don’t want to be the person that warns people of the potential negative consequences of their action, but it is hard to watch someone drive towards a cliff and not warn them of the danger.

If any of you are like me you probably face a lot of guilt after you speak to someone about your concerns. I don’t care if those are drug related, relationship advice, or about practicing good self care. It’s always difficult to tell the truth to someone about how you feel.

If you haven’t felt this way yet you’re still on the conservative side, you’ve probably have had strict boundaries your whole life.  You probably don’t believe your actions can save anybody, and you’ve never had problems cutting people from your life. To that I say congratulations, I wish I had your foresight and fortitude.

The biggest struggle of my life has been the guilt after judging someone, acting on that judgement, and then acting on that judgement.  Have you ever heard the phrase don’t shoot the messenger? Well shooting the person expressing apprehension for the actions of another is shooting the messenger.

Living in the city I see so much debauchery.  Just because a person is free, does that mean they can do whatever they want?  I wish someone would open up the skies for me and teach me how to care about someone with out concerning myself with how they behave.

There has to be some kind of middle grown between stoning the adulterer and gleefully partying with your friends while they sniff cocaine off a toilet seat.

Why do people act like nothing in their lives matter?

I guess your body your rules and all that, but I wish I could ask them at what point do they worry about the people in their lives.  If it isn’t when they ingest illegal drugs with groups of strangers when would it be?

Or when I hear a friend of mine cry in front of me because they’re disappointed in another failed relationship how do I sit back when she goes to the club to grab another trash man just like the last? Why would I look my friend in the eyes and tell her about a woman’s sexual liberation but not also warn her of that giving away her body to people who won’t appreciate wont damage her already fragile self esteem?

Call me old fashioned but I believe that people should take their relationships seriously and treat each person in their life like they’re lucky to have them.  Commitments are serious, dating should be serious, and whenever your sharing intimacy with a potential suitor it should be serious.


In movies we romanticize love, we over emphasize the emotion and fail to discuss the sacrifice required in a loving relationship.  We don’t discuss how love is  what we do, not just how we feel.  It requires putting someone above ourselves.

So am I judgemental? Yes, I believe I am.  But you can judge without condemning, you can recognize the truth without holding the truth against them.  And I think that is the benefit of being a conservative.  At the end of the day when you can’t be honest about  your friends actions, you won’t be accepting when the negative consequences take place.

You won’t flinch when the bad happens because you feel guilty for not saying something when you could.  It is a lot easier to forgive when their is no guilt.  And to those who watch your friends tow the line between responsible and debauchery,