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Why Be a Hypocrite When You Can Be Quiet?

Hypocrites in the Church? Yes, and in the lodge and at the home. Don’t hunt through the Church for a hypocrite. Go home and look in the mirror. Hypocrites? Yes. See that you make the number one less.- Billy Sunday

Oh Frank Ocean how clever you are! How morally self righteous.  It must be nice to simply exist and be superior to all the other peasants that have to deal with being human.  Because clearly all those that believe like Frank Ocean does, that if only we solved racism the world would be a better place! Clearly the worst country is in the world is the country he voluntarily chooses to live in.

I wish someone would tell me honestly, why do people hate America? Why do people have to be so all or nothing?  I cannot stand how limited discussion is these days because we have substituted truth for feelings.  We simultaneously preach on how “subjective” reality is while we pretend that our feelings about a situation are the situation. 

We cannot question someone’s “lived experience,” we need to just sit quietly why they to explain to us what reality is.  It simply isn’t a possibility that their lived experience is just one viewpoint and someone else might have a completely different one based on their lived experience. No like the Sith there can be only one (I know Sith follow the rule of two or whatever but I love Star Wars).

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So when someone like Nicole Kidman says:

I’m always reticent to start commenting politically; I’ve never done it in terms of America or Australia. I’m issue-based…So I just say, he’s (Trump) now elected, and we as a country need to support whoever is the president because that’s what the country’s based on.

Shouldn’t we just take it for fact? No her lived experienced can be questioned and dismissed because feelings. I wish progressives would explain to me what they’re asking for, because I’m confused. I’m all for respecting someone’s feelings, but why when we discuss the President must I put your feelings above my own?  I’ll hold my breath while I wait for someone to explain it to me.

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Can you see why conversations are difficult to have?  Despite what the media would have you believe, America didn’t just turn evil when Donald Trump was elected. Race doesn’t have to be the focal point of our entire existence in 2017 because we don’t have a President that doesn’t mimic NAACP talking points.

Honestly if one more person explains to me how it’s never been worse to be black in America because Trump I’ll scream.  Or if I sit through another “As a cis black woman…”(with that aura of self righteousness) diatribe I may have to commit myself.  These conversations are as ridiculous as they are over done.

See, my mother is a black woman from Minnesota and my dad a white man from Arkansas.  I could easily sit here and discuss the difficulties I faced being a mixed women in America (like every other over compensating mixed person in America right now, Colin Kaepernick anyone?). But I could just as easily discuss the cultural whiplash that comes from constantly moving between the rural south and the urban north.

Now before you roll your eyes and call me an Uncle Tom, (or Aunt Sally or whatever the female equivalent is) I’m not saying that racism doesn’t exist.  Or that there are not difficulties you face based on your skin color.  It would disingenuous to say.  I am here to tell you that your quest for a perfect world sans racism and homophobia will never exist.

And here is why.  Human beings are pretty, we’re often cruel, and we have no perfect way to navigate this world.  We are the monsters under the bed, we are the boogie man.  It would be so easy to look at a person’s skin color as a shortcut for their character, but isn’t that what got us into this trap in the first place?


It amazes me how much hate is acceptable these days.  It is just repackaged into this grotesque disfigured gremlin that rears it’s head whenever somebody is feeling angry at the world.  Every person wants a scapegoat for their lives, it is so much nicer to blame someone else.  Why is it alright to publicly discuss how much you hate white men/women/children?

Take a step back and think of how ridiculous you sound when you say that.  Then look back at that shirt that Frank Ocean loves so much and ask yourself why you had to say that?

Now I’m an honest person just trying to find a way while doing what I love.  I love this blog, and I’ve waited 27 years to find something that I love.  Last year’s election was a real jolt that revitalized my spirit and for the first time in forever I thought America finally has a chance.  Everyday Americans like me are finally going to have a chance.

A lot of people don’t feel this way. With the constant barrage of media complaints and Fake News I can understand this.  It really breaks your heart to believe in anything only to be let down in the end. Years of lying politicians and manipulate press will do this to you.  They build us up just to tear us down again, like a cheating boyfriend who promises that this is the last time.

But instead of coming together to fight the very serious problems that the United States faces together as Americans we’re so busy hypocritically throwing stones at each other. It is more important to spread negativity and cynicism than cultivate joy and possibilities.

Long story short, just say no to hypocrisy.  Start to apply the rules you have for other people to yourself and we’ll all be happy.

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