Can You Be Conservative in the City?

Option 1: I could start apologizing to all my Hollywood liberal friends and associates who’d been shocked by my writing and tell them: ‘I didn’t really mean it … it was a paid gig and I was simply doing it for the work.

Option 2: I could have the courage of my convictions and continue down the conservative path- Julienne Davis

Sometime in the 70s Republicans and Democrats merged into this amorphous progressive uni-party that worshipped the almighty government.  Of course the Republicans lost that merger, since forever after they would be demonized as the racist-statist-biggotted boogieman that exists only to foil the ingenious plans of the Democrats.

The results of which go far beyond any political biases that everyday liberals may have.  The very nature of conservatism has now been demonized.  That means anything associated with conservatives is also bad according to young liberally manipulated eyes.

Delusional bernie

If you go to Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, or any major city listen to how they speak of those in the south.  It blows my mind that they can simultaneously and condescendingly disparage the uneducated cousin-loving southern tractor freaks while also feigning outrage over any sly remarks about the uneducated in inner cities (Because one is fact the other is racist).

But that is the liberal bias in a nut shell, it makes no since.  How can these liberal havens (and all their rabid Democrat defenders) whole heartedly believe in freedom but heavily regulate things as silly as the use of plastic bags. I guess the only time freedom matters is in regards to having sex with whoever you want and killing babies in the womb.  Gotta have our consequence-less sex and on demand abortions after all!

sarcasm giph

For some reason in today’s world every single person you meet wants to discuss politics.  Usually it’s the latest Trump dirt dished straight from the mouth of CNN and regurgitated by every single person you meet in the city. My God it is hard to sit there silently while they blast a President they know nothing about (I blame the schools, education these days just means repeating whatever your “betters” think).

I’m in Chicago, (a city I love) which is literally the anchor trying to drown Illinois.  People party here every weekend like the state and city are not going broke, someone isn’t shot every three minutes, and there isn’t that unemployment creep threatening the livelihood of those so blissfully ignorant.

Of course when you believe everything has to be the janky way it’s always been, you don’t have any personal responsibility for the outcome!  So party away!

Recently Governor Bruce Rauner signed the TRUST Act, at a Mexican restaurant in Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood, officially barring cooperation between Illinois police departments and immigration officials.  In other words the whole of Illinois is now a Sanctuary state!  But don’t worry, I’m sure Illinois isn’t going to need those Federal dollars when we’re bankrupt.

Plus let’s just spit in the face of the black communities that have suffered on this Democrat plantation for generations!  I mean Illinois only has the highest black unemployment rate in the country at 15 percent, according to a new analysis by the Economic Policy Institute.  But I’m sure our liberal masters have a justification for this.

Wait I know!  We don’t need to worry about the struggling inner city residence because we will solve all these woes with higher taxes!  That has always worked for Chicago before, when all else fails just raise taxes.

Plus we have good people like Chance the Rapper donating their own money and raising funds for the beleaguered bureaucrats at Chicago Public Schools!  If those poor students can’t keep going to their crappy miseducation camps what will we do?

So to answer the question “Can you be conservative in the city,” you have to be.   People are leaving Illinois.  They literally need conservatives to right this ship before it sinks.  I know the world demands so much from a conservative, but we are the most equipped to handle it.  Plus we all have each other!


Any tips for living as a Conservative in the city?  I could certainly use some.  It’s almost as difficult as being conservative in Hollywood.


  • AlexFailde

    As the saying goes…The best revenge is living well…the same is true as an answer to tolerant liberalism…Live well.

    I try to live my life in the service of God and the service of my fellow man. Everyone that I have some sort of influence on, I always tell them this. It doesn’t hurt to by a random stranger a cup of coffee. Pick up someone’s tab at Denny’s, buy a homeless person a meal from McDonalds. Open doors for people, LISTEN to someone who is going through a bad situation and show true empathy.

    Basically, be a good person. Even the most miserable of people want to be loved. The people that hate the most, that complain the most, that whine the most…those are the people that need love the most. These are all ways of trying to get attention.

    worst case scenario….it won’t drastically change the people around you, but it will help you feel better about yourself. You can’t make everyone else happy, but you can make yourself happiness, and happiness is contagious after prolonged exposure.

    • Wow that’s some awesome advice! It’s a very positive message. You’re right, it’s a matter of action and not mere words. Be the best person you could possibly be.

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