Afghanistan Will be Over Sooner than We Think

When you’re playing chicken with someone you don’t blink.

Tonight’s speech was a negotiation just like with North Korea.

This war will be over sooner than anybody would think.  This rhetoric is designed to bring everyone to the table.  Even Trumps detractors have to admit that Trump hates to lose, he would never entangle himself and this country into more of the same endless war.    This will be over for two reasons:

1) “Someday after an effective military effort perhaps it will be possible to have a political settlement that includes elements of the Taliban in Afghanistan. But nobody knows if or when that will ever happen.” Transcript from Trump’s speech.

2) People watched this speech around the world. He announced that we have no intention of changing the culture of Afghanistan, and we’re only there to kill terrorist.  We are no longer arrogantly building countries “in our own image” and are now fighting with a much more respectful approach.

These things are huge because the Taliban will not negotiate without elements of sharia in the Constitution. If we’re able to put pressure on Pakistan, partner with India, and negotiate with the Taliban we may have a sustainable solution in the Afghanistan.

People are saying this is McMaster, this is Trump. Classic negotiation where we get others to do the work. We’ve completely changed our tone and set the stage for withdrawal.  Just think, if we’d announced our strategy to immediately withdraw what do you think would happen?  Nobody would negotiate anything with us because we would have lost our bargaining power.

Trump is using words and action and the people around the world are starting to see it.

Just be patient, everything is a negotiation and Trump hates to lose. We’re going to see the narrative change just like with North Korea.  Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and the Taliban are not dealing with the same administration.

What do you think?  I know many of you are disappointed, but if there is one thing you can count on with Trump, he does not like to waste time or money.

  • Catherine

    I watched his speech and I agree with him. I think it is time to give the commanders more power to lead and not micro-manage from Washington, we should not be in the business of making people live the way we want them to, but coming together to fight terrorists, and we have got to show them that we’re not through. This has lasted too long because we have not pushed forward hard enough. We have half assed this thing with previous administration and the people that have died fighting this fight should not have died for us not to give it everything we have.
    And, because people want something negative about trump, he could learn different hand gestures while giving speeches. 😜

    • I agree, Obama could never make his mind up for what he’ll do. I’m hoping this ends quickly. The Middle East is a mess.