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Are Liberals Conservative? Or is Conservative the New Liberal?

What a time to be alive!  There finally seems to be a crack in the progressive stronghold on America. I don’t know if they did it to themselves or if it’s just always destined for ridiculousness.  But I am not complaining, with each crack America saves a little bit more of her soul.

We hear a lot these days about conservative being the new counter culture.  It certainly feels rebellious to openly be conservative.  I have to look around to make sure I say it to the right audience!  I wouldn’t want anybody coming out with their pitchforks, especially in a town so delusional as Chicago (Yikes!).

Is this how liberals felt in the 1960s?  It feels great but I can’t help but be critical of why they felt such a great need to rebel. From my eyes people in the 60s had a lot.  America was at an all time high in terms of wealth and security.  Especially when you consider times like today when people have more debt than sense.

I often think to myself that I wouldn’t have pissed it all away.  They were so arrogant with how sure they were that they were right.  They were needlessly rude and critical of their parents, spent too much money, and took everything for granted! invented aids.  And even after they dropped out of school or never went they still had a job!  Every opportunity was literally at their door step.

I might sound bitter but it’s the truth!   It is a fact that my generation is not going to make as much as our parents.  A large fraction of us are deep in student loan debt, we can’t get married yet, and definitely can’t have kids.   All this is very difficult to contend with, and doesn’t speak well for America’s future in general.

We’re inheriting a mess of a world. America’s debt is high, our personal debt is high, everybody hates each other, and we’re in war in like 12 different countries.  While those old bitter old people want to talk shit about our generation, we can at least tell their baby thieving asses that pretty soon millennials will own the vote and so we will own the world!  We already drive consumption and the economy, it is only a matter of time till the rest of it come to us to!

Some of you might mistakenly believe that millennials are the hopeless free useless college types.  While plenty of us still cling to the celebrity status of Obama and believe that there is some benevolent clout coming from our politicians, the majority of us are skeptical of all institutions.  We’re also better with money because we don’t have much.  And traditional values is all the trend these days!  We’re all about building up and not tearing down, and respect our boomers a lot more than we should

What does that spell for the country?

Congratulations, America! Conservatism is now the counter-culture revolution! Which technically makes them liberals…? Yes, it makes them liberals! In America, a liberal is one who argues to change the status quo, and conservatives just want things to stay the same. I think that’s the trap of the progressive, it is dependent on always pushing the boundaries and always advocating for change.

What happens when they get that change?

They close their eyes and drive right off a cliff.  I’d say let them but they’re doing they’re damnedest to make America fall too.  For the people who have stars in their eyes for the 60s, you’re missing out on the cultural revolution happening right now.  It just takes balls to join a revolution before it’s proven right in the history books.