Ramblings on the Destruction of Black Culture

“Too much of what is called ‘education’ is little more than an expensive isolation from reality.” -Thomas Sowell

Jeff Sessions turned a lot of heads when reports suggested that the Department of Justice will begin investigating Affirmative Action in our colleges.  Cries hit the internet waves of how horrendous the Trump administration has been to blacks in only seven months.  In the tradition of the left there was no actual evidence that black people are suffering under Trump, just an assurance that they will.

Just some more politically correct bullshit.  For affirmative action to be of value to us, school would have to actually be worth a damn.

Nobody has been damaged by PC culture more than the African American (black).  It’s why black American’s feel they have no culture and no attachment to any country.  We’ve had our pride in our culture be stripped away from us, yet we fight for the pride of others to be stripped away from them.  You might think that you have pride in your culture but what you’re really experiencing is pride in your oppression.

Black people lost the culture war a long time ago.  It barreled right through us and lifted us into its giant Tsunami.  We don’t even realize it though, too busy fighting our “oppressors” we don’t see that we’re actually our oppressor’s lap dogs.

White supremacy 

Believe it or not the notion of white supremacy is not far from the mark in terms of deliberate deconstruction of society.  It just misses on the scope of the problem.  It is not non-whites beings systemically attacked out of hatred for our culture, it is non-whites being used just as the proletariat under class was used.

In classical Marxism the proletariat were seen as nothing more than a vulnerable population that could be used as a justification for consolidating power.  In todays Cultural Marxism non-whites are the vulnerable population that are the standard bearers to the Marxist keepers.

Once you’re absorbed by PC culture, your culture will be systemically decomposed until what is left is a husk that doesn’t even have the warm glow of memory to remind you of what you once were.

Look at how at odds we are with each other within the black community.  Woman against man, queer versus straight, young versus old!  Black people were vulnerable to destruction because we existed at the bottom of society.  The Cultural Marxist used that vulnerability to destroy anything that was great about the black community.  I know some of my black compatriots aren’t going to want to believe it but what was great about black culture was what was great about American culture.  After all black people are American.

So what did the theory of white supremacy get wrong?

Elitism is the enemy.  Black people think it is the elitism of white people, yet I ask you how you can have an elite that consists of over 75% of the population?   When your talking about white supremacy, you need to narrow down scope or you’ll miss your target (If we do look at who owns everything and whose benefitted from the destruction of society the most, I don’t think it would be hard to figure out.  I won’t say it here because I wouldn’t want to be anti-semitic…but wait that’s PC, I’m talking about Jews).

We are being used as tools against the very forces that have been destroying us. History is being rewritten to make it seem like black people have never excelled in America.  And that black people never had any part in American culture.  That we are in the exact same position that we were in when we were slaves.  Tell me that you really believe that to be true! It’s a bold face lie and the thought itself is racist because it assumes inadequacy based on color.

The Tools of Deconstruction

There is a reason they say don’t take candy from strangers, if you can’t know the intent of a stranger so won’t know what your agreeing to.  Since the number one rule of the world is nothing is free, what are we getting with affirmative action, and more importantly what are we giving.

Many—if not most—people who are for or against affirmative action are for or against the theory of affirmative action. The factual question of what actually happens as a result of affirmative action policies receives remarkably little attention.

You can take out the word affirmative action and replace it with any failing liberal policy that is only propped up because it would politically incorrect to do so.  A lot of time the justification for keeping a policy is racism.  Calling a person a racist is a good way to shut down the conversation and cut off the source.  Very often we never even discuss issues on the merits because we are speaking in boundaries that do not exist.

Take the very concept of the popular definition of racism.  You may think that your acting or discussing the concept of racism, but even in the definition of racism excepted today (power + privilege) we’re speaking government power.  People don’t say well white people are a majority and so they have the power.

Which even if they did, majority only matters in the context of democracy and controlling the government.  Thus even then we’re speaking in the context of political power.

Racism is the ultimate excuse for government action. It has been used as a tool to destroy political careers and shut up anybody who doesn’t agree with certain political positions.

Note that I’m referring to the concept of political racism.  Very few people are going to debate the perils of the extreme hatred that comes with true racism.  Or that America has actual racist roots.  Those racist roots are not a blanket excuse that justify any government action.

When America was at its worse when the government mandated segregation and mandated that individual businesses, people, and public institutes not commingle the races.  Now all government overreach can be justified as long as the excuse is to guard against racism.

The paternalism intrinsic to the moment is more racist than the racism progressives accuse others of.  When they argue for things such as affirmative action and welfare they’re speaking as the slave masters who justified slavery; blacks can’t be equal, achieve anything, or even live without the government’s help.

I will not waste my breath trying to convince anybody that affirmative action is discriminatory against white people (it is).  I get the so called reasoning for the policy, but I see through the PC lies.  Affirmative action is nothing but a bribe to get black people to go to the corrupted higher education schools and be brainwashed just like the rest of America.

Ask yourself what this access into higher education has gotten us.  Blacks are incarcerated more than ever, we get more abortions, and we drop out of school at a high frequency.  When we go to these institutions we don’t get any of the degrees that would help us get a job in the real world, we waste time and money on an education that amounts to little more than a social club gathering around and crying about oppression.

People cannot live without aid from the government.

Then ask the person you’re arguing this, do you think our members of our government discuss these issues with the same restraints that the public if forced to when they talk of solutions?

Remember in a corrupt society, rules only apply to those at the bottom.  And political correctness only applies to those that believe in it.  I’ll bet you anything that nobody in our government actually applies the rules of PC to themselves .  They just expect it of the people.

If America ever wakes up to the soul sucking creature that is Progressive ideology and their weapon of PC maybe we can turn the tide.  It is very important that we rip the mask off the creature.  PC is no friend to anybody.  It is a weapon of the State.

If you fall into the trap of arguing with somebody about any politically sensitive discussion, stop yourself and determine if your addressing the merits of a policy, or the way we go about achieving those merits.


Notice who the winner of both of those situation.  Now we can speak on how bad racism which I completely agree, but we need to discuss it when we’re actually talking about the issue.  The way racism is discussed today it actually has the result of creating more conflict and not resolving any lingering tension.