Politically Correct is the Monster Eating America

“I got a feeling about political correctness. I hate it. It causes us to lie silently instead of saying what we think.”–  Hal Holbrook

Political correctness is supposed to be the tool that uplifts the oppressed. They’ve been doing it for 80 years now, what happened?

America has taken a poison pill that’s slowly killing us.  Can you imagine being fed poison and being told it’s medicine when the label clearly states arsenic?  That is America right now.  We’re being eaten from the inside out and we can’t stop the parasite because we’re being gaslighted into believing that the parasite does not exist.  Worse! Speaking of the parasite is in some way hateful because of the effects it could have on the parasite.

If you don’t believe me, ask yourself why expressing ‘America First’ is wrong?  Remember Trump’s inaugural address?

We will not sit in judgment of other nations, because they are doing what it takes to put their own interests first, just as we should. At their core, in relations with one another, all nations are the same.

This was denounced as racist and reminiscent of 1930s American Nazi sympathizers.  What?  What!  Even if the supposed American First Committee*** (what the critics are referring to) were Nazi sympathizers, how could that ever justify not being able to use the phrase again for the rest of eternity?  It is not rooted in any logic or historical accuracy.  It was purely a bully tactic used to silence a person not for the substance of what was said but for the person who said it.

Ask yourself why do we romanticize other countries and demonize our own?  That’s like bemoaning how bad your family is while exalting the neighbors. Or like tons of teenagers that hate their own bodies while glorifying the manufactured body of various celebrities. When we talk of these teenagers we call them insecure. When one hates their family we call them naive and unappreciative. Why can’t we admit America’s shortcoming while simultaneously holding pride in our country?  When did appreciating the American flag become uncouth?

When a person is overly concerned about someone else’s business what do you say to them? You say, worry about yourself first. Being a busy body is still an insult and those too concerned with others business are labeled codependent. When you’re on a plane you’re supposed to put on your mask before assisting anyone else. You are little use to anybody if you pass out trying to help someone else.

Yet President Trump has raised all kind of ire for his American First policy.  Why is that?  Because populism and nationalism are the achilles heel to the PC institution.  When people are united in a vision they are unstoppable.  And some of the snakes are scared.

The Fears

People are coming from the woodworks and from all directions to stop any ideas of nationalism in America or Europe.  Their rhetoric: World War I and II, Nazis, and slavery.  Every reason that PC Culture Warriors will give for American First rhetoric will always come back to that reasoning.

The Pope to European and EU leaders, he warned Europe’s leaders that “[f]orms of populism are … the fruit of an egotism that hems people in and prevents them from overcoming and ‘looking beyond’ their own narrow vision.”

When he speaks of a United Europe he means united under the rule of technocratic elites like the EU’s unelected commissioners. 

Politics needs this kind of leadership, which avoids appealing to emotions to gain consent, but instead, in a spirit of solidarity and subsidiarity, devises policies that can make the Union as a whole develop harmoniously.

The Pope is advocating for people to serve a Union to make Europe harmonious and peaceful, not for the Union to serve the people.  The greatest rub of rhetoric like America First is that it advocates for a Country to put one’s self first, not the interest of harmony in the globe.  Peace in the hearts makes peace in the home as they say, and peace in the heart cannot be attained by ignoring the self to serve others.

Eric Rauchway of the horrendous Washington Post wrote this after the inauguration,

This is what Trump’s “America First” means: A white America (committed, to be sure, to “take care of our African American people”), living behind higher walls and screens, lashing out to prove its strength and then retreating again — not a government suspiciously tolerant of foreign threats.

You can smell the fear in this one.  Similar thoughts were repeated endlessly all over the Media.  I swear they all get together to talk about how they’re going to spin something.  It is just so unanimous, same sources, same thoughts, same accusations.  They want people to look at the uniformity and think they must be true because there is a consensus.  In reality the only thing that is confirmed is a collusion between the Media and varying institutions to manipulate the minds of people everywhere.

The nasty origins and ideology of political correctness

Comrade, your statement is factually incorrect.”

“Yes, it is. But it is politically correct.”

When people don’t know the manipulative origins of political correctness they usually thinks it’s just a way for white people to complain about not being able to say whatever they want.  They think that white people just want a pass to be say the N word or be outwardly racist.  They couldn’t be more wrong.  People need to know of the extremely duplicities weapon that is PC.

I would recommend the excellent paper by Angelo Codevilla on The Rise of Political Awareness.  I will attempt to synthesis what he says there.

Here is a summary:


  1. Progressives believe that human beings can transcend any laws of nature through the mere force of will.  They think that humans can be manipulated into transcending these rules by changing the human perception of reality.
  2. The reality imposed is whatever the progressives chose it to be.
  3. This is the Communist view that the Party’s interest is to be treated as a reality that ranks above reality itself.”  Meaning that the Party’s reality supersedes any individuals reality.
  4. No matter how hard progressives try they cannot force reality in the shape of progressive interests.
  5. They rely on the good old fashioned fake it to you make it to convince others that progressive reality exists because the progressives are their realities.  It is enough for others to view something as the truth for it be the truth.
  6. Thus their power is dependent on others not questioning the progressive truth about the world.
  7. Since rules of nature exist, progressives must force others to speak and act as if progressive reality is reality itself.
  8. Thus no matter what the initial goals are, progressives become obsessed with their own power.

To put it simply, fall in line or fall out.  Always remember the truth is not what you think it is, but whatever the progressives say that it is.  If a Progressive shows you a dog and claims it’s a duck, it’s a duck.  They aren’t the killer Communists of old though, they won’t deliver force with a bullet. Yes you will be forced to live by progressive truths,  but it will be force through group think and consensus.

What is the best way to manufacture groupthink?  This is the fundamental purpose of ‘Critical Thought’ and how the left the controls the conversations.  Progressives have been after power for 100 years and they’ve all but gained power over every American cultural input that we have.

You probably feel it when you feel that you cannot say something, or how some accepted truths feel inorganic and manufactured.  You see it in the shifting rules for what is socially acceptable, when you see something that would have been socially acceptable 10 years ago become completely inappropriate and capable of being publicly ridiculed.  It is in the vicious hive mind of a public Twitter takedown.

In order to understand PC you must understand what PC really is and where it comes from.  Every person has experience the disruptive and cruel effects of political correctness.

I mentioned the Communist (classical Marxism) version of manufacturing consensus by brutally forcing people to accept the Party’s truth as reality.  What has taken over America and Europe is a different creed.  What current day PC and Communism intersect is in Marxist theory.  Cultural Marxism, or Political Correctness, shares with classical Marxism the vision of a “classless society“, i.e., a society not merely of equal opportunity, but equal condition.  Since different people beget different outcomes, society must be forced to be equal.  The way that force is applied is different, but they are both totalitarian.

Antonio Gramsci was born in 1891 in Sardinia, Gramsci. He became a member of the central committee of the Italian Communist Party (PCI) in the 1920s, an Italian delegate to the 1922 Communist International, and eventually the PCI’s General Secretary.  He was arrested after Mussolini came into power at the end of the 1920s.

According to Gramsci, where Marxist were concerned with wrestling the”means of production” away from bourgeoisie,  Gramsci decided that the only way for Communists to really win, they must get control of the “cultural means of production.”   According to him and his followers, Marxism cannot take off in America because it was “born tainted by Western Civilization’s original sins: racism, sexism, greed, genocide.”  Thus in order to create the Marxist paradise here, America had to be deconstructed and created anew with the Marxist in control of the “cultural means of production.”

Only when Marxist secure control of universities, bureaucracies, and major media, they can achieve their “cultural hegemony.” It is “forceful seduction” in lieu of rape. It achieves “tacit collaboration by millions who bite their lip.”  (Sounds vaguely reminiscent of the “silent white majority” that voted for Trump.  Publicly ridicule a person for having dissenting opinions and then ridicule them for not sharing them.)

In 1923, in Germany, a group of Marxists founded an institute devoted to making the transition, the Institute of Social Research A.K.A Frankfurt School (originally intended to be the Institute for Marxism, but the founders thought it best to promote Marxism without anyone knowing that they were promoting Marxism.  Thus hide the pickle was born). One of its founders, George Lukacs, stated its purpose as answering the question, “Who shall save us from Western Civilization?”

This school took a little bit of Freud, added a dash of some Fascist as well as Marxist, added linguistics and created “Critical Theory.”  The basis of 75% of the majors of todays college majors.  If classical Marxist explained all of history in terms of wealth and class, Cultural Marxism says that history is wholly explained by which groups – defined by sex, race, religion and sexual normality or abnormality – have power over which other groups.

Marxist sought to deconstruct society in order to revolutionize it into its “utopia of equality.”  Critical Theory aimed to deconstruct the cultural values of society by criticizing them to death.  Western culture was the enemy and the only thing standing between the world and Marxist utopia. Critical theory was used to criticize the basis of Western culture, including Christianity, capitalism, authority, the family, patriarchy, hierarchy, morality, tradition, sexual restraint, loyalty, patriotism, nationalism, heredity, ethnocentrism, convention and conservatism

George Lukas (the creator of the Frankfurt School) stated their goal perfectly,

“I saw the revolutionary destruction of society as the one and only solution to the cultural contradictions of the epoch…. Such a worldwide overturning of values cannot take place without the annihilation of the old values and the creation of new ones by the revolutionaries.”

The Frankfurt School evades America

Most people think that PC was created in the 1960s with the various cultural revolutions.  In reality the Frankfurt founders were expelled from Germany and came to America.  Columbia University gladly welcomed them and they replicated their school from Germany here.  The Marxist, the Communists, the Socialist, the Democratic Socialist, at the end of the day they are all cut from the same Progressive cloth.  And they have infected this country with a culture of valueless destruction.

Even the social gains we have made are tainted by those that have sought power at all means.  Be careful with your goal because PC will take it up and render it meaningless.  It will become about the power and the means, not about the substance.

The 60s proved to be the powder keg for the cultural revolution. Herbert Marcuse from Germany (and that same damned school as every other corrupted soul) had to inject his own deconstructive thoughts into America.  The leftist Bible that indoctrinated a whole generation of Baby Boomers was written by this man (Eros and Civilization: A Philosophical Inquiry Into Freud).

He was pretty explicit in his ideas of rejecting all Western concepts.  His book the Great Refusal is just that.  Rejection through sexual liberation, feminism and the black revolution.  He wanted to unite the oppressed of the world into the new world proletariat.  Universities were his stamping ground and the young impressionable kids at those schools were his weapon.

In his book “An Essay on Liberation”, Marcuse proclaimed his goals of a radical transvaluation of values; the relaxation of taboos; cultural subversion; Critical Theory; and a linguistic rebellion that would amount to a methodical reversal of meaning. As for racial conflict, Marcuse wrote that white men are guilty and that blacks are the most natural force of rebellion.  In other words, why fight a battle yourself when you can send someone else to war.  Marcuse capitalized on vulnerable members of society in the Progressive quest for power.

Never forget that Marcuse first worked for the U.S. Office of War Information (OWI) on anti-Nazi propaganda projects. And then transferred to the Research and Analysis Branch of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the precursor to the Central Intelligence Agency.  Subversion and manipulation was always his thing.

Critics of critics of PC argue that political correctness is a necessity. A common argument for intellectually dishonest people is that the very existence of something proves its necessary.  Take Mark Hannah at the Times,

The opposite of political correctness is not unvarnished truth-telling. It is political expression that is careless toward the beliefs and attitudes different than one’s own. In its more extreme fashion, it is incivility, indecency or vulgarity. These are the true alternatives to political correctness. These are the traits that Trump tacitly touts when he criticizes political correctness. And these are the essential attributes of Trump’s candidacy.

I think debating the substance of what is politically correct is silly and a waste of time.  Yes some words are against the grains of society and are profane and blasphemous.  That is not the point.  The point is that the means of expression are being utilize to empower a select few members of society.  PC is not about the substance, it’s a means of control.  So if you live by PC you will die by PC.

Codevilla’s analysis of political correctness is scathing:

“Like its European kin, all that American progressivism offers is obedience to the ruling class, enforced by political correctness….Nor is there any endpoint to what is politically correct, any more than there ever was to Communism. Here and now, as everywhere and always, it comes down to glorifying the party and humbling the rest.”


Maybe our society was one that needed to be changed, maybe the Critical Theorist even have a point.  For those who believe in PC take warning, PC will tear apart but it will never build back up. Any movement perpetuated by political correctness is doomed to a totalitarian ending.  Meaning whatever cultural norm that is destroyed, another will be taken from you.  Often times you won’t even know the price until it’s stripped from you.

The Progressive eviction of Liberals from the Democrat Party

For the Democrat Party the toll has been great.  Though Progressives started in 1923, they gradually and meticulously expelled non-conforming members out of the Party.  Remember Progressives only know how to destroy because their ideology is so intrinsically corruptible.  The Democrats sacrificed almost all their principles to gain power through the Progressives.

Liberals were the party of property rights, non-interventionism, and liberty.  The left swallowed a poison pill and they are trying to get the rest of society to swallow it as well.

Let’s do this quick because I’ve kept you long enough.  The two principles of the American Progressives:

  1. Government guided by science, not politics; and
  2. An industrialized economy directed by “the visible hand of a modern administrative state.”

What a play on Adam Smith there.  Notice that number two is just a play on the invisible hand of the market made by the father of economics himself, Adam Smith.  From the jump Progressives thought conflicted with the Free Market Principles of Liberals.

The common good is the ultimate goal of the Progressive, and the common good can only be identified by the expert.

“The progressives…nearly all agreed that expert public administrators do not merely serve the common good, they also identify the common good. The expert instructed on how to achieve society’s goals, and also on what society’s goals should be.”-Dr. Thomas C. Leonard’s Illiberal Reformers

And thus the elitist, expert worshipping, paternalistic movement was born.

While science is such a noble goal, let’s not whitewash history and take out the sordid history of Progressive’s love affair with science.  The Eugenics movement, human experimenting, social darwinism, political correctness, Planned Parenthood, all these things were birthed from the minds of Progressives. Progressive’s fall victim to corruption for one fatal reason, the “common good” justifies any atrocity.  Along as the ends justify the means, anything you do can be corrupted.

The Progressives tried their own Party, headed by none other than Teddy D. Roosevelt after he lost the Republican nomination to William Taft.  And so he created the Progressive Party.  The movement was so powerful at the time that when Roosevelt ran against the Democrat golden boy Woodrow Wilson.

The ultimate Progressive was President Woodrow Wilson.  While the left used to love Wilson, like all things shifting in PC culture, the left now hate him.  And I understand, the man craved power as much as FDR!

Progressives loved Wilson’s academic background, he was a professor at Princeton, president of Princeton University and a celebrated academic.  He was the perfect way to popularize higher education.

The irony of all this is how much the rise of Progressives was to fight the corruption in Government.  Man it brings it close to home!  The people thought that the only way to fight against corruption is by creating a cold lifeless machine. (Very similar arguments today stating that the only way to defeat corruption is to give the government more power).

After that Liberals had to contend with Socialist and Progressives for the heart of the Democrat Party. Liberals found themselves on the short end of the stick and were pushed out of the family. The elitist nature of Progressive ideology always concentrated power at the top, and that was the antithesis of the populist Liberals (another reason many of the elite are derisive towards modern day populism).

By the time of the New Deal and World War II, the ideologies of Republicans and Democrats had split.  The Liberal opponents of war were chased out of the Democrat party by the media and journalists to the Republican Party (forever giving those on the Right the anti-semitic moniker for opposing World War II).  Similar to today, Progressive heroes of past found themselves stuck with the Republicans.

This new Right alliance foresaw danger from the actions taken by the Federal Government.  They worried that post World War II America would be permanently altered.  The government turned into a Leviathan State, unchecked imperialism, and domestic totalitarian collectivism.  The Right has been saying it since then and we’re seeing many of the dangers foretold.  “Perpetual war for perpetual peace.”

John T. Flynn warned us best:

They were thinking of a change in our form of society in which the government would insert itself into the structure of business, not merely as policeman, but as a partner, collaborator, and banker. But the general idea was first to reorder the society by making it a planned and coerced economy instead of a free one, in which business would be brought together into great guilds or an immense corporative structure, combining the elements of self-rule and government supervision with a national economic policing system to enforce these decrees…. This, after all, is not so very far from what business had been talking about…. It was willing to accept the supervision of the government…. Business said that orderly self-government in business would eliminate most of the causes that infected the organism with the germs of crises.

And the rest is history.

So where does that leave us?

Americans are tried of the Culture War.  It has been a long battle, and just like the wars overseas, it doesn’t have an end in sight. The creed of the Democratic Party is public and private affirmation to all parts to the current Progressive ideology or risk being exposed or shunned.  If you turn on CNN right now it is clear that the Democrats are still engaging in manufacturing consent. They are working hard to make us believe that everybody is already on their side.

The “heroes” are engraved into every conversation and are untouchable.  Everyone from FDR to Obama are sacred cows that are our Devine warriors of equality.  Anybody who disagrees with a sacred cow is homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, racist, and sexist.  They all come from “fly over country” and are lacking in education.  They are the deplorable.

While the hearts of American’s are sick of this mess and are leaving the Democrat Party, the Progressives have an iron clad grip on our institutions.  Credentialism rules America from the classroom to every nook and cranny of the government.  Media, corporations, and Hollywood are all infested with the same Progressive ideology of exclusivity and intolerance.

Conservatives have become the party of acceptance. They’ve become the party that welcomes anyone as long as they put America First. Democrats would have you believe that acceptance looks like POC alliances and uniting the oppressed people of every arena. The only problem is their so called acceptance is the opposite of a true allegiance.

It is an acceptance based on skin color and victim status.  Acceptance of different cultures is important but what Democrats are really doing is the opposite of anything that historical black thought leaders would ever advocate. You’re acceptance into the Democratic group is based off your color of skin and your oppression status.  Stop believing them.  If you were to look at the core elites that make the party you would see that PC is a miserable religion.


Oikaphobe? If this was too much to read check out this 10 minute video!

***P.S. On a side note it is disingenuous to call the American First Committee Nazi sympathizers.  This Committee was assembled of people who were simply anti-war.  America in the 1930s was gearing for war and spent a lot of energy propagandizing the people.  Any body who was anti-war was actually a Nazi sympathizer and anti-semetic.  Thus isolating them and bullying them into defending not their stance on war but defending not being a Nazi.

Also as a side note did you know that every single founder of the Frankfurt School was Jewish?  Let me know what you think in the comments.

Check out what I’m reading now and take a look into the darker story of what happened to JFK.