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Democrat’s Getting Cocky, But They’re the Party of the Damned

“Why has the Democratic Party become so arrogantly detached from ordinary Americans? Though they claim to speak for the poor and dispossessed, Democrats have increasingly become the party of an upper-middle-class professional elite, top-heavy with journalists, academics and lawyers.” – Camille Page

The Democratic party recently released their new platform in anticipation for the 2018 midterm elections.  The party is dependent on a huge 2018 win to offset their disastrous losses last year.  They are putting on a brave face, but people are losing confidence in the Party.

They see what I see.  I see through the lies of the Jedi (a.k.a the Democrat party).  I know they don’t fight for me or others like me.  They have no true reform in sight and are relying on focus groups and think tanks to make their message more palatable and not listening to what the people want.

Do you think they’ve changed after losing the election so historically last year?  Do they really have a message?  And if they really did change, why are the same Democrats running the show?  Why are the same swamp creatures refusing to give up power (i.e. NancyPelosiChuck SchumerMaxineWaters)?

If you thought about it you would see that the Democrats will not have reform until they start listening to the people suffering under they’re God awful thievery policies.

This will not happen because the structure of the Democrat party is way too top heavy.  Their message comes carefully crafted from Democrat leaders and it is missing the reality that comes with talking with the actual people.  Information definitely flows downward.  Democrats try to tell the people what they should think, not represent what the people actually want.

A power structure like that cannot defeat Trump.  You can’t pretend to have a populist movement in order to beat an actual populist candidate.


Republican control over State legislatures
Republican control over State legislatures

This graph isn’t for the faint of heart who think that Democrat resurgence will be easy.

Democrats offer A Better Deal as Donations plummet

Even though they officially said they would back off the Russia narrative.  Many Democrats are taking for granted how badly they lost the last election.  For one, they think that the popular vote is indicative of how they will do in 2008.  For two, they’ve been losing for a lot longer than one year and people are sick of it.

People are simply not donating to the DNC at rates previously seen.  If people really have lost faith in Trump as much as the media has indicated, why aren’t people rallying around the Democrats?  Further, even if they have, the Democrats assume that just because the public disprove of Trump that means that people will turn to the Democrats.  If anything the people are still rejecting Democrats as an improvement of Trump based on the DNC’s poor fundraising efforts.

According to a newly released Federal Election Commission data, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) raised nearly $4.3 million in donations in May.  And the month before?  Only 4.7 million.  What is really rubbing salt in the wound is the Republican National Committee (RNC) reported $10.8 million in donations for the month of May, an off-year record-high number for the group.

Progressive and liberal organization have faired much better.  The ACLU has raised $80 million in online donations since the election, and 16 times as much in 2017 as they did in 2016. This includes raising $24 million in three days following the implementation of Trump’s travel ban targeting seven Muslim-majority countries. Planned Parenthood has seen more than 700,000 new supporters and “unprecedented outpouring of support” since the election, according to the organization.

The people want results, and they no longer believe that the Democrat Party will give it to them.  To me it sounds like Trump has been good for business.  And maybe libertarians have been more right then people give them credit.  Private charity can take the place of government handouts and subsidies.

The Democrats are failing because of their own actions.  How are you going to campaign on a, “A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future,” but have no reliability.

People don’t believe that the Democrats stand for anything anymore.  According to a Washington Post–ABC News poll  52 percent of respondents said the party just stands against Trump compared with 37 percent saying they believe the party stands for something.

Further they have won just one of five congressional special elections in 2017.  That brings the grand total for Democrat losses  1,047 state and federal Democratic posts, including congressional and state legislative seats, governorships and the presidency.

Since 2008, Democrats went from 58 seats in the Senate to 48 seats257 seats in the House to 194 seats29 governors to 16 governors, and 4,082 state legislative seats to 3,129. At the state level, Democrats are at their weakest point since 1920. Across the board, Democrats are at their weakest electoral position since the Civil War.

They’re hemorrhaging money and losing support.  New York Times exit poll data, Democrats have lost support with virtually every voter demographic since 2008: Hispanics, blacks, millennials, low-income voters, and Independents.  Even while the country becomes more diverse.

The Democrats were as disappointed in Obama as Republicans were after Bush.  They both campaigned on promises they never kept.  Democrats face a harsh reality, and they must really look into the face of it if they ever want to win again.  They’re not in their glory days anymore.

The welfare state Democrats have been building  since 1913 is falling apart and the people no longer believe in it.  Even in states where most voters are Democrats, Republicans are having success.  They have lost the governorship in three Democrat majority states:  Illinois, Maryland and Massachusetts. (Even Illinois with its gigantic Madigan Democrat machine.)

Democrats have a lot of work to do and a lot of money to invest in local state politics to turn the tide.

Democrats are banking all their hopes on Trumps alleged unpopularity, and the historical flip that usually occurs during a midterm election with a new President.  They are sadly mistaken.  The last two flips occurred because constituents that the big promises made on the campaign trail were traded for Establishment favors.

If Democrats are going to do this they would need a strong message to unite the Democratic Party.  Something I have yet to see from them, instead Democrat’s themselves appear unable to form a consensus.

The Party is fighting itself and doesn’t know which way to go

Democrats have been shattered.  So of course they are rebuilding their team.  The only question remaining is in what direction they will go.  I don’t think even they know.  There is a war going on between Democrats that think the answer to 2016 is to go further left, and those that hope to run on a more moderate platform.

Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the debate between Democrats for healthcare.  There is a reason that Democrats haven’t delivered any proposal yet on Obamacare.   They are secretly tearing each other apart fighting on what their solution will be:  single-payer or easing government control of health care.

In California protesters stormed the state capitol after the state voted against implementing single payer.  The top Democrat and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon reportedly received death threats after he killed the measure due to a lack of supporting votes.

The Progressive arm of the Democratic Party sees this as yet another betrayal from the Establishment.  According to the Dailycaller:

“It’s more than a disappointment, watching how it plays out there in California,” Executive Director of Progressive Democrats of America Donna Smith told Politico. “For Democrats, for progressives, [health care] really encompasses everything that’s going on in the country at the moment. And California … is so critical, and California is this incubator of what happens in Democratic politics.”

After the success of Bernie Sanders 🙄 the DNC raced to appease their progressive minded constituents.  Just not enough to fully back  progressive-backed candidate for chair.  I guess Keith Ellison was just to progressive for 46% of the Committee.

The only problem is that pandering to the progressives have increasingly forced an ideological purity test that lies outside the political mainstream.  The party position on divisive issues like transgender bathrooms, wedding cake mandates, sanctuary cities, unlimited and unrestricted abortion access, and illegal immigration is mismatched with public opinion. Moderate Blue Dog Democrats, once a large part of the Democratic coalition, are all but extinct.

The progressive candidates are accusing moderate Democrats of vote rigging (which is what Trump’s voter commission is supposed to stop).  A California candidate  Ellis has released a six-page memo detailing hundreds of voting deficiencies she said her campaign found during a review of the ballots and other election material.

Progressives smell blood within their own party.  “There is no question there is a civil war taking place inside the Democratic Party,” said Cenk Uygur, co-founder of The Young Turks, a progressive internet-based commentary program.“And the progressive side is going to win.”

Comparisons to Republicans via 2008

Don’t worry Democrats.  Republican’s were in a similar situation after the 2008 election.  Many people felt abandoned and lied to by George Bush style politicians that ride conservatives to get elected but once there reveal their big government colors.

If not for the Tea Party movement, the Republican Party would be dead.

The Guardian sums up nicely the general consensus of the Republicans in 2008.

Experts now predict the Republican party now faces a deep period of introspection. Fault lines are opening that might pit social conservatives against economic conservatives.

The next few years are likely to see a period of intra-party strife. Shane Howard, chairman of the local Republican party in Beaumont and its surrounding Jefferson county, said there had to be a debate within on how Republicans would prepare for 2012.

The Republican establishment were fat and greedy.  They represented corporate interest more than the American people and Obama beat McCain handily for it.  There was no trust in the RNC that bullied crowd favorites like Ron Paul.  Every dirty trick the DNC pulled last year the RNC also dabbled in.  The Party was corrupt and the people saw it.

The issues at the heart of many conservatives were the huge amount of government spending and the expensive wars in the Middle East.  Bush himself campaigned as the anti-nation building candidate.

“Maybe I’m missing something here,” Mr. Bush said in a debate with Democratic rival Al Gore. “I mean, are we going to have some kind of nation-building corps from America? Absolutely not.”

Then came the Tea Party.  A movement that simultaneously popped up all over America and forever changed the debate.  It is the wave that broke the damn to let in a politician like Donald Trump.  The Republican candidates for President last year a dosage of Tea Party Republicans:  Rubio, Cruz, Rand Paul, Scott Walker

The Tea Party gave the Republican Party their principle and message that would bring in the huge Republican dominance that we see today.  (Which would be a mistake to turn away from.)  They forced a conversation when nobody wanted the conversation on debt and spending.  The Constitution again became the center of the debate. This change is not only taking place in Republican states, but it’s  in some Democratic states as well.

I think Raffi Williams has excellent advice for republicans, “Put the focus on finding and grooming great talent and promoting them at the state level. And talking about the issues that matter to people at state and, and local levels, you know, such as lower taxes and these are things that have connected with people.”

It worked very well for Republicans.

A brief warning 

The situation is reaching critical mass for Democrats.  They have lost a lot of ground and Republican’s are closing in on enough control of state governments to unilaterally amend the Constitution.  They control 33 of 50 state governments, 38 are needed to make a Constitutional amendment.

Chart of the flip to Republican State Governments

Liberals are important to this Country, and balance is needed.  However the Democrats have lost touch with their history and have become a distorted and corrupt Party.  If they don’t change they may cease to exist.


P.S.  “There is no such thing as a Lost Cause, because there is no such thing as a Gained Cause.”