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Want to Know Why You Have No Money? Taxes

“The New York Times editorial page is like a Ouija board that has only three answers, no matter what the question. The answers are: higher taxes, more restrictions on political speech and stricter gun control.”- Ann Coulter

All my Southside people you’re getting screwed.  Generationally segregated and poor but what are you doing?  Crying about racism and waiting for your Superman to come and somehow put a stop to prejudice?

As long as there is someone to blame you never have to make different choices.  This kind of thinking only leads to hopelessness.  It leads to a depressed complacency where you drown in collective misery.

If you don’t acknowledge the root of the problem and start supporting common since accountability reforms Chicago is not going to make it.  Illinois is not going to make it.

It is not enough to just march in the street.  You can’t just #BlackLivesMatter and expect anything to change.  It is so incredible that we hate our cops but don’t give that same level of ire to their corrupt bosses.

Chicago your poor, you been poor, and you’ll stay poor if you don’t change.

Poverty and crime in Chicago

Chicago enjoys the title of the most segregated major metro area in the nation.  Not only is it segregated, it’s also poor.  The poverty happens to be concentrated in the blackest areas of Chicago (Englewood, West Englewood, New City, Austin and West Garfield Park).   More than 37 percent of the population in those areas live below the poverty line, compared with 23 percent citywide, according to the Crime Lab draft report.

About 274,000 people this year live in deep poverty. Their income is less than half of the federal poverty line, according to recently released statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau.

If that wasn’t bad enough the poverty coincides with a huge increase in gun crimes last year.   Gun violence that has left more than 4,300 wounded and more than 750 dead, the city’s most homicides since 1997.

And what is Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s solution?  Throw money at the problem.  Or more accurately, pay more to his poverty pimp non-profits that do little except take home a fat check!  He wants to spend $36 million to support mentoring kids throughout the city.  (Thanks Rahm!  You really care don’t you?)

If that wasn’t enough Chicago public schools are so bad that 39 percent of public school teachers with school-age children have their kids in private school.  That’s almost as bad as Congress exempting its members from Obamacare.

What you are missing my poor Chicagoans is how much your vulnerablelity and perpetual victim status attracts the vultures to you like moths to a flame.  They sense the blood in the water and they swarm.

You fools stay at your masters feet.  This is the messiest version of Stockholm Syndrome in the United States.

Business as usual

In Illinois, and more specifically Chicago, we have something called a patronage system (a.k.a spoils system).  In this system political party’s trade government civil service jobs and lucrative government contracts to friends and relatives for their support.  This incentives them to keep working for the party and is the opposite of a merit system.

This might not seem so bad, but it works as a kind of machine that follows these five rules:

  1.  The Machine Needs a Boss
  2. A Political Sponsor is Necessary to Join the Machine
  3. Don’t Snitch or Whistle-Blow
  4. Punish Snitches and Those Who Don’t Remain Loyal
  5. Ward Bosses Control Their Wards Like Daley Controls the City

We can’t change a damn thing if we don’t acknowledge the elephant in the room.  Illinois is run by Democrats, and has been for a long time.  They have supermajorities in both houses of the Illinois legislature. Democrats run two of the four major administrative branches of state government. The Chicago mayor’s office, the City Council, Cook County and major “independent” agencies such as the CTA and the Metropolitan Water Reclamation Districts all are run by Democrats.

Hell the Illinois Republican’s are so bad they serve more as Democrat lap dogs then any real opposition.

The South Side of Chicago can boast some huge accomplishments.  Besides the poverty and segregation awards mentioned above the South Side can lay claim to the country’s first black woman senator, the nation’s first black president, and various black elites.

Yet somehow the area is one of the crappiest areas in the country for a person to live.  Could it be that the Black Politicals comping up in the South Side are nothing more than Poverty Pimps?

If we look nationally at the noble non-profits working tirelessly to erase poverty. Top officials with 14 anti-poverty nonprofits were paid as much as $869,900, as their organizations were paid $900 million of taxpayer money. The Daily Caller News Foundation’s (TheDCNF) Investigative Group has found that activist groups that receive as much as 85 percent of their revenue from taxes, spend millions collectively on lobbing.  If that wasn’t bad enough, about half of the charities’ CEOs made political contributions.

Chicagoans have been making the same mistakes for a long time.  The first Mayor of the machine was Anton Cermak.  This was in 1931.  We haven’t seen a republican Mayor since.

The State government owes billions of dollars for the pensions and health insurance benefits of retired government workers. Local governments owe billions more. Illinois taxpayers are on the hook for the liabilities of both state and local government.

The malfeasance in this machine is written all over the “budge” Illinois just passed.   We have no meaningful workers’ comp changes,  property tax freeze, or downsizing of  major downsizing of the state’s 7,000 units of government.  They couldn’t even give us redistricting reform or term limits (the kryptonite of a patronage system).

The people of this State are simmering beneath the surface.  The tax increases in the budget are going to pay the outrageous debt our politicians have accrued!  Moody’s Investors Service estimated in a 2013 report that fixed costs, like pension contributions and debt service, could soon eat up more than half the city’s operating budget, up from about 15 percent of the 2015 budget.

Illinois residents do not trust our government.  We trust them far less than any other country in the United States.



Gallup poll

Gallup poll

Funny how the states that trust the government the most are Republican.🤔  Perhaps it’s time to follow their lead.

We’ll tax yourselves to the grave and out of the economy.  SUPPORT TAX REFORM.

Chicago you have the power.  You on the South Side feeling hopeless  can change your circumstances and you can make things better for your children.  The fact is that Cook County contains half of Illinois’ voters means that the poverty pimps need you, you don’t need them.

Let’s make change. The first thing thing we have to do is to stop the bleeding.  We can’t extract the parasite in our intestine if we do not stop our money from getting in the hands of our corrupt politicians.

Lets smoke them out of the government and dry up their source of revenue.

I’m talking about our taxes.

The State just finalized a 32 percent income tax hike.  Illinois taxpayers will begin paying a 4.95 percent individual income rate, up from 3.75 percent, retroactive to July 1.  We are giving them more of our money to play with and seeing no improved outcomes. In fact we are losing members of our tax base.

We are stifling growth and opportunity.  Our high taxes is going to stifle businesses and perpetuate poverty.  Low tax rates lift up the lives of America’s poor.

The 10 states with the lowest total state and local tax burdens saw an average poverty reduction of 13 percent – two times better than the national average. The 10 highest-tax states, meanwhile, suffered an average increase in poverty of 3 percent.  As California began to reject the low-tax legacy of the Reagan governorship, the state’s poverty rate jumped 13 percent in the 1990s.

Basically you can’t afford crap because of the policies you’re supporting.

Stop falling for the line that we need more taxes, or if only increased the taxes on the wealthy with a progressive tax.  Even if we could bring in $1 billion more in revenue, somehow it will never reach the South Side of Chicago.

Look at the issues facing Illinois and Chicago; bad schools, high poverty, and high crime.  Then look at the increase in taxes in Chicago alone.

The Chicago Tribune lists the taxes:

  • Property Tax Increases: $543 million
  • Chicago Public Schools Construction Property Tax Increases: $45 million
  • Monthly $9.50 trash collection fee: $62.7 million
  • Ride-sharing and taxi fare and fee increases: $48.6 million
  • Amusement tax on streaming services, lease tax on cloud-based businesses: $40 million
  • Building permit fee increases: $13 million
  • Vehicle boot removal tax increase: $2.2 million
  • E-cigarette taxes: $1 million
  • The maximum fine on businesses that don’t shovel sidewalks will also rise from $50 to $500.

Could that with the increase of the Illinois income tax and Social Security tax and Medicaid tax and Federl income tax.  Tell me that we’re getting the bang for our buck.

Don’t think this message doesn’t apply to you just because you don’t live in Chicago.  I bet if you look closely you’d recognize several similarities with your own local government.  They probably just don’t do it as well as Illinois.  (Not surprising given the King grifter himself Barack Obama was an Illinois politician!)

P.S.  Here is a list of Illinois politicians that have faced or served jail time for stealing money from tax payers.  Don’t worry Illinois residence you have excellent taste in politicians!