5 Obamacare Lies as Told by the Democratic Elite

“Medical socialism is but one variety of a larger problem. But it is one that is particularly devastating to people, because it affects their capacity for staying healthy and alive.”

Obamacare is failing

Have any of you been on Twitter lately?  They Twitterbots and puppet celebrities have been hard at work pulling the strings of the few remaining Democrat loyalist to save Obamacare.   Fortunately for the Democratic Ruling Class (DRC) their little bubble is only empowering the rest of the country.

Why they countinue to get high off the noxious llmes of each other’s sanctimonious ego,  more American’s are getting more and more angry at being left out of the conversation.   While there are some remaining rabid followers, those are only the old clinging to the Liberal glory days, and the young that haven’t broken out of the academic hive mind.

Don’t let the DRC fool you into supporting a piece of legislature that takes away freedom from the American people, raises the costs of healthcare, and is so unstable that this debate will have to be revisited in a matter of months.

The DRC are a bunch of liars and propagandist.  And I do mean the DRC and not Democrats in general.  Unfortunately the party has become terminally corrupt and I can’t in good conscious pull any punches when speaking of Democrats.

The key parts of Obamacare

Before I begin we must agree to what Obamacare is and the key parts of the legislation.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,  nicknamed Obamacare, is a United States federal statute enacted by the 111th United States Congress and signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010.

  • Individual mandate- The obnoxious freedom infringement that requires every American to carry health insurance.  Why is that? Because if they didn’t people would only get insurance once they were sick to avoid paying heavy premiums.
  • Pre-existing condition- This provision is why the costs of healthcare insurance has sky rocketed.  Healthy people have to pay higher premium to cover the subsidize the heavy costs for unhealthy people.
  • Employer mandate– Any employer with over 50 employees must offer any employee working over 30 hours a week “affordable”  insurance.  They must offer insurance or face a penalty.

The goal of Obamacare (though debatable) was to increase access to healthcare through insurance.   They reasoned that providing people  with a mechanism to pay for healthcare would provide people with more healthcare.

Discussing the lies perpetuated by the DRC regarding Obamacare is easy since Obamacare began on a lie.  The Wall Street Journal confirms that Obama policy advisers always knew that the “like your plan” promise wasn’t honest.  They knew that nobody would support Obamacare if he told the truth.

Sounds similar today doesn’t it?  Here are the lies the DRC needs you to believe in order to still maintain support.

Here are five lies:

1.  Obamacare would work but for the meddling of those pesky Republicans!

This one I hear all the time.  Obamacare would be successful, Republican’s just changed the law so much that it became unworkable.  They just wanted to sabotage Obamacare because they hate Obama.

I think the first thing we should start with is the changes made to Obamacare.  Though most of the changes made to the law may have been passed under Republican leadership, they were passed with bipartisan support.

What the DRC is really saying is the absence of a government public option is the reason that Obamacare failed.  The public option is a proposal to create a government-run health insurance agency that would compete with other private health insurance companies within the United States.

The problem with this is that no private insurance company can compete with an insurance company that has the full funding of American Tax dollars.  That’s trillions of tax dollars.  This would inevitably lead to the public option being the only option for insurance.

Republican’s contested this because their constituents single payer system wanted the freedom to chose their own health insurance, or to not have insurance at all.  The public option would lead America one step closer to a single payer system.

It would be unethical for Republicans to advocate for such a position.  Their people want free market healthcare.  So tell me how we blame Republican’s for advocating for their constituents, and not Democrats for bullying people into a system they do not want.  For hells sake they had to attach the whole of the ACA to a non healthcare related bill and passed it through with no republican support.

The truth: Obamacare was always a sneaky disaster that the President had to lie about to pass.

2.  Obamacare saves lives!  By voting to repeal Obamacare you are literally killing people!

Have you ever heard such hyperbole?  You mean you have?  Democrats often and regularly use hyperbolic language?  Then this one is no surprise. (Courtesy of mises.org).

Where does the number come from?  Basically this figure comes from looking at lives “saved” by Obamacare and projected onto the future.  The problem?  These estimates were not actually based on mortality data.

These studies (which were very pro-Obamacare) were based on correlations between expansion of insurance coverage with improved health outcomes. They then treat this correlation as fact the pro-ObamaCare researchers multiplied by the expansion of insurance under ObamaCare and came up with an estimate of how many Americans’ lives were saved.

The researches relied on a fatal flaw.  The studies relied on data that showed that the expansion of private health insurance coverage contributes to improved health outcomes.  But under ObamaCare, the amount of private coverage is less than we would have had Obamacare not existed.

ObamaCare is dependent on the expansion of Medicaid. And this hasn’t been shown to save any lives, as the now infamous Oregon experiment shows.

Lastly, only 31 states (plus DC) expanded Medicaid under the ACA, while the other 19 states rejected the offer.  This gives two samples to compare.  States that expanded Medicaid those that don’t.  If Obamacare really saved lives then the states that didn’t expand Medicaid would have higher mortality rates.  And yet, as Cass points out in his study, we see the exact opposite. Namely, the states that took advantage of ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion saw a worse impact on their mortality rates than the states that rejected the expansion.

Truth:  Obamacare has no correlation with lower mortality rates.  Thus getting rid of Obamacare could not raise mortality rates.

3. More than 20 million will lose their insurance if Obamacare repealed.

We’re judging the quality and healthcare access by the amount of people that have insurance.  Don’t you see how distorted the argument has become?  We have made healthcare the same thing as health insurance.

Let’s talk about that insurance.  The DRC sure didn’t care when the Obama administration itself was predicting the millions that would their insurance.  The premise of Obamacare is the healthy subsidizing the unhealthy.  In order for this to even happen these people would have to pay more for health insurance.  Meaning they would lose their insurance so they could purchase the higher plans.

According to this Forbes article, as far back as 2010 (sic!) Obama officials were projecting that 93 million Americans had health insurance plans that would be unacceptable under ObamaCare.

The RINO Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) justified not voting for the repeal plan, “Under the House bill, 14 million Americans would lose coverage next year. That rises to 24 million over the next decade.”

Nowhere in the Congressional Budget Office’s projection (which they say themselves are uncertain) about the American Health Care Act did the agency say the bill would cause 24 million to  lose coverage—cancel it or take it from them. The report really stated that the amount of individuals insured under the Republican plan would eventually be 24 million fewer than the total insured under Obamacare.

If we uncouple healthcare from health insurance we would realize that without the individual mandates millions would choose to drop their insurance.  See the difference?

Where does the number 24 million even come from?  The DRC loves to float this number around.  The number is an estimate subtracted from an extrapolated estimate.  The CBO thinks that only 28 million would be without insurance by 2026.  They make this prediction even though the agency has repeatedly over-estimated the number of people who would get insurance through the Obamacare exchanges.

The CBO states that “In 2026, an estimated 52 million people would be uninsured, compared with 28 million who would lack insurance that year under current law.”  We get 24 million from subtracting the two numbers.  Do you see how misleading that is?

Truth:  Millions have lost their insurance and will continue to lose insurance under Obamacare.  The figure is a false premise based off and imaginary number.

4. Obamacare just need to be tweaked a little, that’s all!  Remember that Obamacare was modeled after the fabulously successful Romneycare

The DRC loves to blame Republican’s for Obamacare’s failure because Republicans “refused” to fix it.  In their delusional mind the ACA can be fixed, and because of that it any efforts to repeal are racist.

Obamacare has completely destroyed the market for insurance.

  • People are losing insurance options. The decision of several major insurance companies to cut their losses and withdraw from the Obamacare exchanges, combined with the failure of 70 percent of Obamacare’s health insurance “co-ops,” will leave one in six Obamacare enrollees with only one health insurance option. If Obamacare continues on its current track, most of America may resemble Pinal County, Arizona, where no one can obtain private health insurance. Those lucky enough to obtain insurance will face ever-increasing premiums and a declining choice of providers
  • Premiums are skyrocketing. Earlier in 2016, the Obama administration admitted that Obamacare’s premiums would increase by an average of 25 percent.
  • Medicaid expansion is a burden for states. Thirty-two states were suckered into expand Medicaid under Obamacare, but the costs have been higher than expected – a whopping 49 percent higher, to be exact. The higher costs are due to the higher than expected enrollment numbers for Medicaid, as over 11.5 million have signed up for Medicaid in 24 states that only expected 5.5 million signups.
  •  Higher wait times at the emergency room. Another one of the side effects of the Medicaid expansion is that waiting times have increased because fewer and fewer doctors are accepting Medicaid to avoid dealing with the program’s bureaucracy for less than satisfactory compensation, forcing Medicaid patients to the emergency room to obtain a doctor
  • Shortage of primary doctors. A report from the Association of American Medical Colleges found that America faces a shortfall of 61,700 to 94,700 doctors over the next ten years, as less medical residents plan on entering the field of primary care.
  • Making American debt worse. According to National Interest, “the single fastest-growing sector of federal spending is healthcare,” and it’s going to result in trillion-dollar deficits in seven years’ time. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Officewarned that the debt could be as high as $30 trillion by 2030, with Obamacare being one of the driving factors behind that increase.
  • Businesses are not offering full time work to avoid paying for healthcare. A survey by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans published last month, found that 15% of large employers (50 or more employees) and 20% of smaller employers had plans to adjust hours so that fewer employees qualify for full-time medical insurance under the ACA.

How do we fix these problems while keeping the expansion to Medicaid, the individual mandate, the employer mandate, and forced coverage of preexisting conditions?  All three provisions are what is causing Obamacare to die.

The truth:  Obamacare is killing itself, it can’t be fixed because its premises were flawed.

5.  The American people love Obamacare.  Every single one of them.  Anyone who doesn’t watches too much fox news

The DRC loves to distort reality.  They scream so loud and so often that nobody else can talk, and nobody hears anything except for the screams.  They hope to drown out dissenters and convince the unsure.  In short, they’re master gaslighters.

The only people who like Obamacare are the minority that didn’t have insurance before, but with the policy were able to get health care insurance coverage, including poor, unemployed, people with preexisting conditions.

The very health care providers (who with insurance can continue to jack up prices) that Democrat constituents hate.   Other people in the health care industry getting wealthy.  Already wealthy pharmaceutical companies (especially those with expensive, patented drugs). Suppliers to hospitals (of both fancy new equipment and disposable items used in treatment).

The hates it?  Everyone else.  The comparatively healthy who get to pay more dearly for health care insurance.  Those who chose not to have insurance but need now choose between the penalty for not having coverage and expensive insurance. Small-scale health care providers who cannot afford the bureaucracy necessary to deal with insurance.

Screenshot of GoogleScreenshot of google results

Why do I call the DRC gaslighters?  They flood google with results to make you feel stupid because your the only one that doesn’t like Obamacare.   They create a fake consensus that everyone loves Obamacare.  If you don’t it’s just because you don’t understand it.

Talk to doctors, talk to nurses, talk to all the people are suffering because their deductibles are sky high and they pay triple amount for health insurance than before the ACA.  The GOP is not leading the charge to repeal Obamacare.  The people are.