Feel the Burn

If You Really Believe in Socialism You Must Be Insecure

People are afraid of freedom.  Freedom is harsh and extracts a heavy price, but offers the only opportunity for true happiness.

If capitalism is freedom in the economic sector, socialism is feudalism in the economic sector.  Socialism is government controlled business.

In feudalism, the economy is driven by war and agriculture.  The king owns all the land and the Lords stay on the land as tenants in exchange for military service.  The peasants are obliged to work on the land and give their produce and labor to the Lord. In return, the Lords offers military protection.

There are a number of ways to have a socialist government. They either have direct or indirect control of the means of production of goods (i.e. business). In feudalism, the only goods are land and war. In socialism, these goods are everything consumed and produced by the people.

When the government has direct control of the production of goods, they control all businesses.  Retail stores turn into government distribution centers that receive goods from government farms and factories.   A centralized committee would gather data and determine what factories would produce and who will receive the products.  Since the government owns the production, the government and the consumers are the only actors in the economy.  Let’s just say you’d rather be in the government than just a consumer.

Indirect control mimics a free market, but utilizes licenses and regulation to control the production.

Many licenses require capital in order apply for those licenses. If you want to start a new home health company you pay a large sum of money to the state for the application. Those who have large sums of money can afford the fee. Instead of that cash being put into the business, and this the economy, it serves as a bribe to government officials.

Those in a socialist government will find that opportunity is scarce.   The most successful are those who have the wealth to either pay the fees, those who are friends with those in the government, or are part of the government.

The insecure and mediocre are the biggest haters of freedom. They’re too afraid to compete in a free society.  Freedom means choice, but it also means consequence. It means opportunity but with opportunity comes failure.

Coincidently these same people drag others into supporting socialism through cultivating insecurity.  The insecure person doesn’t trust the world or themselves.

Rather they believe in a great equalizer.  An entity that will guarantee ability is not rewarded, because we’re all equal. Effort doesn’t matter because no matter the outcome the government sees us the same.

Often people try to hide their distaste for freedom through altruism.  We have to support the needy, capitalism is too cold and cruel!  What they’re doing is projecting their own fears onto a sympathetic figure. What they don’t realize is giving up your freedom for yourself is giving up freedom for everybody.   That’s a heavy cost for your insecurity.