The Republican Reformers will Save America…and Liberals!

“They who have put out the people’s eyes, reproach them of their  blindness.”-  John Milton

We can no longer afford to look at democrats as a good intentioned government party.  They are the party of distributive wealth (a.k.a socialism).  Democrats are a smoking gun specifically loaded to seduce people into giving up their freedom, and once gone the benevolent distributor always fastens on to the host for good.

There is not one country where this kind of wealth distribution hasn’t made a more authoritarian government.

Behind all progressive ideology  is a thinly veiled authoritarian regime. It is disguised with rainbows and altruistic leaders, but the reality is a government that feeds it’s friends and punishes opponents.

People fall for this con because it hidden in the cult of cult of “equality.”

The funny thing about equality the democrat way, the very mechanism for which its sought requires an overseer to enforce equality.  Meaning an enforcer class exists above the citizens.  Thus destroying the very premise that guides their actions!

The only true equality comes from respect, freedom, and self determination. The negative consequences that are inherent in life cannot be dampened in order to protect a person from their bad choices and differences with other people.

Liberals depend on an educated ignorant citizens 

Republicans recognize that we can no longer micro manage the actions of individuals while also ignoring the negative the consequences from awful instructions.  The truth behind liberal ideology is a lot of misery and cognitive dissonance. Somehow their policies preach one thing, and fix nothing.

The truth behind the paradox is that the individual must believe in the Democrat lives or else they would shed the 50 pound baggage that comes from their overseers.

The arrogance that comes from democrats also comes with an ignorant citizen base. Government becomes the religion , intolerant to any other religion. Perhaps that disdain  masks an envy for cultural influence and the desire for a new god.

Conservatives, Don’t Let the Democrats Drag You Left

There is a time to sow and a time to reap.  Republicans are the only one speaking of sowing.

Liberty and democracy are not synonymous.  There is nothing inherently good in democracy.  Even in democracy you surrender your own autonomy for the will of the majority.  That is why citizens must remain constantly vigilant and respect .

Republicans must stand up for small government and powerful communities.  They have to repeal Obamacare, lower our taxes, and let people get back to work.  We are entering into the age of Conservatives!  If we don’t do it now we will doom our country.

P.S. The midterm elections of 2018 will be the year to throw out the democrats in republican clothing.  Start with:

  • Capito
  • Heller
  • McCain
  • Portman
  • Alexander
  • Murkowski