Corrupt Lawyer

Why Lawyers are 20 Years Behind….and Crooked

“I never saw a lawyer yet who would admit he was making money.” -Mary Roberts Rinehart

We have a lot to thank the Germans for, they make decent cars, they gave us two great  World Wars, and they gave us a great model for our schools!  Did you know that Nazi Germany was highly educated.

Education was very important to Hitler.  “Whoever has the youth has the future”. To Hitler, education would be the key that ensured that he had “the youth” of Germany.

Nazism is used today to warn people of nationalism or populism, and even right wing politics (which is crazy seeing as how Nazis were socialist).  “The whole education in a national state must aim first of all not at stuffing the student with mere knowledge but by building bodies which are healthy to the core.” Can you guess?  Hitler or Pelosi?

School is a mechanism not for education, but ensuring the ideology of those in power continues.  Whether that’s Nazism….or liberalism.

So why stress education when speaking of the failure of lawyers?

College liberal ‘education’

At least we all start law school as the innocent ones.  The students during the Third Reich, who grow up to take the mantel of full blown Nazi.  Just like the Nazis, a lawyer serves as the ultimate societal gate keepers.

Liberals cry that the dumb and uneducated voted for Trump.  I say those that were brave enough to break away from the brainwashing institutions that is our liberal universities are the truly educated.  Those in school have their marching orders.  Anything that threatens the bubble of the values we learn in school trigger an existential crisis.

Colleges are liberal hotbeds, and not the good kind we think of from the 60s.  Instead of peace and love there is hate and identity politics.  If you haven’t questioned your gender then you’re just not educating right.

To the kids that actually graduate, you’ll leave college more insecure than when you started with a mountain of debt on your back.  If you’re still that scared child but good at school, perhaps you’ll finish your liberal indoctrination at law school.

Lawschool liberal indoctrination

I thought law school would be different from college.  Here was the serious place where education really happens.  Boy was I wrong.

While law school is liberal, it may be even worse than college.  I think the college kids actually believe what they say.  The law students pretend to.  The only way to get ahead in law school is knowing somebody.  Often times the best opportunities go to the contestants that know how to play along.

Law schools are overwhelming liberal.  Not in any kind of way that is constructive.  In the worst ways.  Law school is a place where we’re supposed to learn about limed powers and the Constitution, instead their  brainwashing you to believe in an altruistic government that can solve the worlds problems.  We don’t need religion!  We have government.

Law school tears you down not to build you up, but to control you.  If you have any semblance of a individuality before law school, it’ll soon be replaced with the obsession with success.  Not even real success, the success that comes from comparing yourself with others.

By the time they graduate…

Lawyers are Nazis

The entry into the field starts with taking a standardized test at Guantanamo Bay.   Recent grads meekly line up to go through a metal detecter where they sit right next to each other with proctors marching around them, watching them lest they fall out of line.  And this test is two days!

After the test you can’t even receive your license until your state’s Bar approves your character and fitness.  These young lawyers give their fate to some lifeless bureaucrat to decide if they have the ‘moral’  character to be a lawyer.

A joke considering that at some point they’ve sold their souls.  Since law school didn’t teach them anything about practicing law, they’re completely at the mercy of any law firm that hires them.  They’ll sacrifice a lot for that job.

Lawyers exist for lawyers to exist.  The American Bar Association, law schools, and law firms cannot exist without the elite liberal control over our country.  They will gladly tell others how to vote and what to believe, relying on the trust others have in their expertise to sell them out.

If the liberal heyday was 30 years ago, lawyers are 30 years behind the time.  It just sucks being one of those lawyers.

P.S.  Don’t forget that Obama restored the preferred position of the American Bar Association in evaluating the potential qualifications of potential judicial nominees on a pre-nomination basis.  It may make sense now why, if you know a lawye, they’re crying about Trump.  The era of the notoriously liberal American Bar Association vetting our jurors is over.