Milton Friedman

What’s Up With These Kids And Socialism

It is mind boggling that the same millineials complaining about how little control of their life are begging for even less control of their life!  How is the most educated generation ever not capable of seeing through the fallacies.  Young people elected Jeremy Corbyn in a stunning show of malcontent and disinformation.  No matter if the young lean that left through design or through youthful folly, we need to address this if we are to pull young people out of orbit and into reality.

The young are intrinsically aware that they are being manipulated.  They have no faith in institutions that continually lie to them and tell them what to think.  While I admire the ability of millinials to smell a grifter, it simultaneously makes them vulnerable to demagogues and rebel rousers (wait is this me? 🤔).

Here are things every millennial likely believes:

  • We need to take care of vulnerable members of society. AT WHATEVER COSTS!
  • Greed is the root of all evil.  Get rid of money and poof! Greed gone. 
  • The government is made up of the people. Therefore it’s incorruptible.
  • Capitalism bad regulation good.  Sigh

If any one of those are part of your basic assumptions, answer some of the questions below.

Who holds the power?

Socialism by definition depends on us relinquishing control over what we buy and how we buy it. We’re taking power out of the hands of the consumer and placing it in a bureaucrat.  How much are you wiling to sacrifice in order to take care of the vulnerable members of society.  You’re life choices?

Should someone else have control over your life?  Do they know more about your life and choices than you do?

Young people have an inherent distrust for the government yet  what if those people were the very rich corporations that they’re always bemoaning?

What is it about a bureaucrat that makes them altruistic enough to make your choices in your favor?

Even if they are altruistic enough what gives them the foresight to know about your specific circumstances? If you suffered through k-12 then you’re already familiar with cookie cutter solutions.  This is what you want with all aspects of your life?

Answer these questions and then tell me you believe in socialism.  What your looking for is someone to make your life easier by taking away choices from your life.  That is slave mentality.  It is much easier to be a slave because you never have to live by your choices.

I’m willing to bet you get frustrated with your parents that tell you how your life is supposed to go.  Frustrated about the lack of opportunities.  Frustrated that nothing feels as good as it should.  And frustrated about being treated like everything is your fault.  Your not wrong for any of those feelings.  Don’t listen to any political figure, celebrity, or organization that offers to take your choices away from you and then acts like their doing you a favor.

Don’t lose your distrust for authority.  But for heaven’s sake don’t put your faith in a socialist!  They are always grifters, and behind their pretty stories lies a lot of fallacies.


Socialism Chart

P.S. For those with so much faith in our government.

“You will never understand bureaucracies until you understand that, for bureaucrats, procedure is everything and outcomes are nothing.” -Thomas Sowell