Ammo for Fighting Single Payer Healthcare

Remember when I said that America is at the fork in the road where we either go fully single payer aka socialized medics or free market?  Well this article is to discourage those who have any sympathy for socialized medics.  If you come across someone in irl or url fighting for this awful idea here is some ammo to attack the single payer argument.

First we start with agreeing  that America has a problem.  Then from there is not so hard to get them to agree that their being lied to and manipulated by the government.  The difference is they’ll think the lies start with Trump (smh I know).  Put a person’s back against the wall and they’ll admit that Obamacare isn’t working.

Once we got the green light on a problem there is brotherhood in discussing the issue.  Their hackles will most likely be raised though when you suggest anything other than single payer healthcare.

You might start off the argument suggesting that such a thing is clearly against the Constitution and is a huge grab of Federal power.  Remember though, liberalism is never about principle, it’s about good intentions and feeling good about yourself.  Single payer helps them feel good and it’s likely where there argument will come from.

Here are three arguments that they will use to justify the change:

  • America has the worst healthcare system in the world.  Every other country looks down on us because of us (this is a moral adjacent argument).
  • Healthcare is a right.  (Nevermind that it has to be paid for)
  • It’s cheaper. (They will use this by comparing how much America spends on healthcare compared to other countries)

When you look at it very simply those aren’t great arguments even assuming that they are true.  Which they absolutely are not.  The problem is that we all feel the urge to argue through personal responsibility.  Remember when you enter these arguments they have assumed moral superiority.  The kind of argument that centers on people taking care of  their own self will be shot down.

Nothing is free

Focus on the costs.  Most people are angry at insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and malpractice suits artificially inflating the costs of healthcare.   First highlight that healthcare wouldn’t be free we would just pay for it with our taxes.

Next mention a place like Canada where it relies on young healthy people paying more in taxes to cover healthcare needy elderly.  Before they interrupt tell them that Canada does not even have enough money to cover the costs of elderlies about to retire.

Before they interrupt you make sure to tell them that Canada itself is having trouble paying for the influx of aging baby boomers.  They have to borrow all the money they spend on healthcare.  Making them one the most indebted sovereign borrowers in the world.

Oh and don’t forget to tell them that time = money, and boy will they be spending a lot of their time on healthcare (and money).

First mention our Northern neighbor’s much esteemed healthcare

Britain and Canada are the two most common countries I use in my examples.  The difference between them is that Britain is true socialized medicine, meaning the government owns and operates the hospitals.

In Canada the hospitals are still privately owned, just subject to harsh regulations and government control called the CHA.   Here is what it looks like when the Government is the middleman between the patient and the hospital:

With those kinds of costs, wouldn’t you rather pay money?

Britain’s Fully Socialized Medicine

Britain is a whole other monster when it comes to their healthcare.  We might have glowing reviews for them in the states, but that is just willful ignorance.  They want to believe that they are better than us because it confirms their single payer solution and thus makes them feel good.

  • A study conducted by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine concluded that around 750 patients a month (1 in 28) pass away due to subpar quality of care, which includes “inattentive monitoring of the patient’s condition, doctors making the wrong diagnosis, or patients being prescribed the wrong medicine.”
  • Almost 75,000 more doctors and nurses are needed to match standards in similar countries the OECD said in its annual Health at a Glance study comparing the quality of healthcare across 34 countries.
  • The U.K.’s National Health Service claims that you shouldn’t have to wait longer than 4.5 months for your approved service yet recent reports say patients can wait as long as eight months for cataract surgery.
  • The department that runs healthcare is deeply in debt, and it could be running on a nearly £1 billion deficit ($1.2 billion) by the end of this year.

If this doesn’t make lose faith in their precious government, then they are deep into denial.  You may be dealing with a stage five liberal clinger.  To which my hat goes off to you.

Now free market healthcare doesn’t seem so bad right?

And if they disagree tell them that we haven’t had it since the early 1940s.

Finally. End it with asking this question: What if it doesn’t work?  There is no going back when something like this is implemented.  This would be a drastic and expensive change.  Once the government is expanded it does not go back.   It is like we completely ignore historical lessons about governments with too much power and how inept and corrupt they become.  Remind them that government or insurance company, there is still a middle man.

Let’s keep what has always been the best thing about America.  We are country built on principle that won’t be brought down by the feel good temptation that is socialized healthcare.