Mixing The Personal With The Political

There have been so many hard times. Sometimes I find myself angry and bitter that I could be 27 and where I am, struggling like I do. Hopelessly trying to find someone to believe in, devouring politics like it will cure my ails and right my world. It is in these moments where I feel like I let some escape to the embarrasing haven of discussing politics on Twitter.

I feel so impotently angry at the world and our politics of servatute and railling against a society that would have my generation be slaves to the whims of those who have made our political reality. But when I go to write out an article articulating my bitter take on politics, the opposite happens. I feel to empowered to be truly bitter, and thus it is harder to release this bitterness into my writing and transfer it on to my readers. Maybe it is for the best, maybe instead of absobing my bitterness, maybe any reader will feel only empowerment.

A goal of my writing will be to mix the personal with the political. Now before you crucify me for doing the taboo and breaching the sacred “objectivity” of “journalism,” let me show you how my mixture of the personal and political will make it so you can trust me.

First, there is seperation between personal and political. Politics is inheritly personal. The problem when people try to take their subjectivety and turn it into some sort of self rightous faux objectivity.

Second, since the first is true, is it not better for there to at least be honesty?

And finally, one’s biases are not to be pushed in a corner so we can pretend that we do not have them. If I am as clear and transparant in my beliefs and why I believe tham, my agenda is clear and nobody can seek to distort it.

Owning Our Work

I write everyday. No money is involved. Yet this is my work, and my passion. Trying to dissiminate my thoughts into something that others can consume is my passion. Yet can something be work when there is not exchange of money? I believe that we are taught in this society from pre-k to retirement, that something is not work unless somebody owns the fruits of that labor.

Labor is owned through the exchange of dollars (by itself a good thing), not to you but to some employer who ows your labor, and then some percentage of that to you. I say what is the difference of me getting paid by some compaby or news organization to write what they tell me to, then have the audacity to pay me a fraction of what the revenue they recieve for my writings. I’m better off not being paid to write whatever I want. I do the same thing, only I keep my integrity and if I revenue ever comes I keep that too.

We see this in every industry. We can talk about NCAA sports and the money those college athletes never recieve, or the music industry where an artists label and record company owns their image and even their content. How is that work? While it is certainly labor, it cannot be work if someone else owns you in the process. We call that slavery. Similarly, if we all work, and a large percentage goes to Social Security, State Taxes, Goverment Taxes, Healthcare, property taxes, sales taxes, and student loans, how can we call that work? That is labour that we don’t own, someone else does. When you see your check dissapear with no real choices on where that money goes, that is slavery.

Perhaps my millinial colors are showing, but maybe millenials are right? We jump through the hoops that society sets for us- elementry school, high school, college, graduate school- and if we’re lucky or know the right people we will get some entry level job where they pay us low wages to work our ass off only to see all our money gone to the affore mentioned expenses!