The Life, The Trap, The American Dream

To all my people stuck in the Trap, let me tell you about the American Dream.  You probably think it doesn’t exists, and if it does, only for a few.   I’m going to tell you that just because it doesn’t appear how you think it should doesn’t mean that you can afford to give up on it. 

Pride and the Trap

There is a pride that comes with surviving. The harder the obstacle the more pride that comes with it.  It’s why rappers brag about the trap, it’s why the tougher the battle the bigger the scars the prettier the women!

Yet why is it every parents mission to shelter their children as much as they can from suffering?  If the pride was worth the suffering we’d push it on our kids.  It’s because we value something more than pride; happiness.   The taller the pride the lower the level of happiness.

Rappers often talk about the Trap as if they’re proud of it.  Usually they are referring to selling drugs or making money in some kind of illicit activity.  That is not how I think of it. The Trap is a place of no hope and slim opportunities.  The light at the end of the Trap is so distant and so far away that those stuck in it give up because the distance is so discouraging.  My mother refers to being stuck in the Trap as being Lost.  I think that is an apt word for it.

The light at the end of the tunnel is the American Dream.

Greek tragedies and the Trap

The Greeks loved to tell the tale of a Hero trapped by fate.  The Hero  running from a destiny that they do not desire but hopeless to deter. The tragedy comes not because they can’t escape their fate, but because they cause it.   The Hero always causes the very fate they sought to avert.  This is called the fatal flaw and often it is hubris; pride.

There is nothing harder than living with the consequences of your choices.  Let me repeat:  There is nothing harder than living with your choices.  That’s why living for today is romanticized.  If tomorrow never exists than neither does the consequences for our choices.  We are free to life in the blissful Utopia of today.  But we can’t escape reality.  Tomorrow always comes.

People of all economics become addicted to the Trap.  Those that come from generations of Trap dwellers, have a special propensity for the lifestyle, but we’re all capable of this addiction.  Hell America’s become stuck in the Trap since World War II.  And it came from massive success.

The only solution in escaping the Trap is to take the long trek to the end of the tunnel.  We must all ground ourselves in the generations before us and our children that come after us.  The suffering of the many becomes the suffering of the few instead of living for today, we plan for tomorrow.

You may never become a doctor, or a musician, ballplayer.  But you can build a life where that’s possible for your children.  You might never become a millionaire.  But you may save money so one day your children will be billionaire.  This is the American Dream.

Pride will push you through, but it won’t make you happy.  Learn how to let go of the suffering of the past to be vulnerable again.  Give your suffering to your children and their success will be your success.  If you are the children of those that sacrificed for you, then their suffering is your suffering.  Take what you were given and give more to your children.

If  you don’t think you can escape or your not worthy.  Just remember the movie Wonder Women.  “It’s not about what we deserve, it’s what we believe.”