The Russian’s Are Coming! As Told By 4 RINOS

What is a RINO?

Who knew that Joe Scarborough was a Republican?  In case you have no familiarity with the term, Joe is the epitome of a RINO.  A ‘Republican in name only.’ In today’s times it’s hard to know what our political parties stand for.  They’re not exactly consistent and coherent with their messages.   But let’s separate our politicians from their principles with three Republican staples: limited government, strong defense with NO nation building wars, and National borders with US sovereignty.

You can usually spot a RINO quick if they  preach single-payer health care, suppor government welfare programs of ANY kind, or don’t respect states rights and the concept of FEDERALISM.

Is there anything worse than a RINO.  I would say a socialist but as foolish as a socialist is, it doesn’t compare to the cowardice and lies of a RINO.    Here are the top 4 RINOS!

  1. Lindsey Graham

Lindsey has been a  Senator Senator from South Carolina since 2003.  He is also referred to as ‘John McCain’s Stooge’ or ‘Lindsey Who Likes to Pretend to be Republican.’   Here is a man that who needs to primaried.  There is nothing worse than hearing Democrats talk about Republican’s they like and hearing Lindsey Graham.

Why is he a RINO?

His reaction to the Russian Conspiracy are enough for me to label anybody a RINO.  It feeds into Lindsey’s desire to fight every country around the world, especially Russia.  He loves taxes and national security, but he wants to use our national security to nation build halfway across the world.  Sometimes he wants immigration reform sometimes and he plays wishy washy on health care.  He’s an excellent RINO.

  1. John McCain

The Senator from Arizona has never seen a war he didn’t like.  If there is just the mention of a potential conflict anywhere in the world, well America of course must send some of our endless supply of troops.  Before he was a Senator he was a Congressman just a few short years ago he ran for President against Barrack Obama. ( I would say we dodged a bullet, but I don’t know if that’s true).

Why is he a RINO?

Because he’s a globalist with his donors hands so far up his ass that he regurgitate whatever main stream anti-Trump message is out there.  He could do just that and nothing else and be the biggest RINO on this list.

  1. Kasich

Governors are a different breed from Senators.  They actually have to make decisions and govern their people.   That’s why we have a better idea about what they actually stand for then their Congressional counterparts.  The Governor of Ohio is next on the list.

Why is he a RINO?

John Kasch will ride unsustainable Medicaid expansion all the way to fully socialized medics.   That is the opposite of limited government.  He doesn’t believe in our 2nd Amendment, and doesn’t take our immigration issues seriously.  Next!

  1. Paul Ryan

Ugh Paul Ryan.  Speaker of the House, third in line to the Presidency behind Trump and Pence.

Why is he a RINO?

Because he won’t REPEAL Obamacare! How much of the Trump agenda has been implemented?  How long has it been?  There is some serious problems when your own party is rooting against the President who is a member of his own party.

Critics might say that I’m calling anyone who doesn’t support Trump a RINO.  That’s not true, I just don’t see how the Republican party can run on repealing Obamacare and not repeal Obamacare.  I also don’t understand how you can be a true Republican yet prefer Hillary Clinton.  It doesn’t make any sense.  These RINOS have got to go.


P.S.  Don’t you ever in your life come for Rand Paul!