How Do We Defeat Goliath?

How do we drain the swamp?

Rest easy because it’s better to be David. When Goliath enters a battle, he has to win absolutely each and every battle. David only has to win a little one and only once.  So much of Goliath’s power is keeping with the image of invincibility.  That same image can be used to defeat Goliath.  In case you haven’t figured it out, Donald Trump is David, and our enemy is the swamp creatures of DC.

When a Goliath is weak he will try to keep to the image of invincibility by lying about any losses (see Russia). He will lie and accuse David of every treachery, that way all eyes are on David while Goliath shelters his public image.  The more noise he makes the closer to winning.  Goliath will become so obsessed with his own image that he will devote less time and energy to what made Goliath invincible to begin with!  Now just replace the name Goliath with CNN  you see? This is the vicious cycle of power.

Hope is the enemy of the status quo. Trump is the embodiment of hope, for every victory he shows the people that winning is possible.   All of a sudden, cynics become the biggest believers, cowards find courage, and even people bogged in the swamp change their ways.

Donald Trump will not give up on us so we have to support him.  A David is only good as the people who believe in him.  Donald has created a following of people who a few years ago would never call themselves a Republican.  This will be the snowball that turns into an avalanche until the whole country is swept in the storm. And it’s how we’ll cleanse America.

P. S. Who else is sick to death of Russia! Russia! Russia! 🙄