The Party That Evolves Faster Wins

Democrats have contracted a disease

Right now the Democrat Party is over run with scum.  Sometime in the past they must have stepped on it, and piece by piece it has slowly over run the party.  In fact the host has not been enough, they even flecked their castoffs on the Republican party (see Paul Ryan).  Who knows the origins of this scum?  Perhaps once upon a time the Democrats contracted it from the Republicans 🤔?  One thing is for certain, only one party is trying to shake off the scum. And that is not Democrats.

What’s holding them back?

What values are we hearing from today’s Democrats?  They no responsability in losing the 2016 election in a historically awful way? Democrats behave like the kid in a ball game that loses the championship and accuses the other team of cheating instead of just admitting that they brought a tennis ball to basketball game.  Where is their pride, and for the life of me how can you win a fight without pride?

Unfortunately, discussing these things in today’s climate is difficult.  People are too tied down to historical politics; they still think every black activist today speaks for Martin Luther King Jr.. 😂😂 They think of the democrats as the party of the workers! People have to let it these ties go. Join the fighters, not the haters!

Where do we fight?

Twitter is the battleground for ideas right now. The Culture War has reached new heights and in the Twitterverse a brutal takedown is capital.  This works for the right as we are not as distracted by policing identities and fighting would be allies about words.  I don’t think they even know what their fighting for anymore, they just endlessly throw punches for capital.

That’s how republicans will cleanse ourselves from past affiliations.  We will finally be united as a party so we can unite as a people.

Let me know what you think. Will the Culture War ever end?  How confident are you in the Party right now?


P.S.  “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.” – Every Democrat Everywhere All the Time