Charlie Garb And The Perils Of Socialized Medicine

Socialism is always a loser

This story is why socialism fails in a nutshell. It is also why whenever I hear someone spewing socialist thought I want to want to pull my hair out.

A quick summary of who Charlie Garb is, a little baby with severe health issues that will most likely kill him, was denied the right to come to America for experimental treatment.  This decision did not come from the parents. It came from the hospital and then from the courts.
I won’t ever poke my nose in some parents business with their kid half a mile away. If they want to foot the bill to do everything in their power to make sure their baby lives, that’s their god given right as parents.  The trouble comes in when other people half to carry the cost.

In counties with single payer health systems (a.k.a socialized medicine) your health is no longer something that belongs to you. Because the choices you make with your health affects all those that have to pay for that healthcare. There is no itemized receipts, no deductions and decisions that you can make that could the bill cheaper.

All of a sudden my slightly overweight neighbors eating habits matter to me, the lady next door on her third abortion matters to me,  the gentlemen two towns over who smokes matters to me. All of their decisions will raise the cost of my healthcare.  Countries with single payer healthcare have successfully politicized every personal decision they make.

Who was it that fought so hard to get republicans out of the bedroom?  But that’s right, liberals only recognize a personal decision when it effects who they can have sex with. Which is remarkably short sighted because yes, in socialized medicine your sexual life can raise the bill for everyone. Thus making it everyone’s business.  Shame on anyone who can get instantly summon anger when faced with a government school teaching abstinence to their kids, but can’t even get angry when a parent can’t even decide to fight for their child.

But I digress, socialized medicine only leads to people having to take business with something that isn’t their business.  If you believe in individual rights and the right to choose, then socialism problably isn’t for you.

P. S. Fuck a short sighted naive socialist.