This is a God Dream (Happy Independence Week!!)

White House staffers voluntarily take zero to little pay. These are multimillionaires who believe so much in America that they’re sacrificing huge sums of money to work for the Trump administration.

The thing about personal sacrifice and public service that you have too look out for, make sure that the person stands to lose more wealth in office than they gain out of office. You’d be surprised.

This is the dream. Everyone wants to believe in something that much.  We’re reaching a point in history where we will judge people not by how much they have, but how much their willing to sacrifice to fight for what they believe in. When confronting any naysayers or American hater, ask them what have they sacrificed?  They will probably sprout some bullshit answer about personal sacrifice, but let me tell you how you recognize the difference between a winner who sacrifices and a loser who sacrifices. The winner is happy in the end. 

I love all my people and I love America. And yes I love what Donald Trump is inspiring in this country.  Strength and independence is how we will flourish and we will open their eyes to this.

P. S. Trump gold:  And I love all people, rich or poor,” Trump said at the rally in Cedar Rapids. “But in those particular positions, I just don’t want a poor person. Does that make sense?”