Minneapolis SMDH

Just dumb. Minneapolis City Counsel approved a $15 minimum wage.  I don’t know how many times the disastrous effects of minimum wage laws can be stated.  Government just never learns it’s lesson.  The problem with Minneapolis is that there already is a huge wage gap between blacks and the rest of the population.  Minneapolis is not hiring black people, particularly black people with criminal records.  In fact this is why Ban the Box was invented.

So what the heck are they thinking?  Who do these liberal thought sores think are going to be the first to lose their jobs?  It is decisions like this that make me think the goal is economic discontent.  Keep our eyes occupied on their right hand so we never notice them stealing from our left.  Thank God the Minnesota State Constitution requires a balanced budget, otherwise move over Illinois!

My Minneapolis brothers and sister,s the Minneapolis Mayoral election is this year!  Stop this before it becomes worse for the people.  We don’t have to listen to their lies anymore. They make these rules for themselves, never for the people.  There are nine candidates running under the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party and only one republican, Jonathan Honerbrink.  Don’t trust the DFL masters, give Honerbrink a chance.

And for heavens sake Minneapolis never go full Chicago!


P.S.  “Our City is broken. Failed policy, failing institutions, and generation after generation of weak leadership have left us with a broken system and a broken government. But in truth, fixing this City is not about us today. It’s about our children.”  Jonathan Hornerbrink