Et tu, Republicans? 

Likening Trump to Julius Ceaser is an apt compliment(despite how some people try to portray that likeness).

Rome would not have been the empire it was without Ceaser, similarly America will not become what it is meant to be without the leadership of Donald Trump.   Some find this idea abhorrent.  It is the truth however, and for those with a negative visceral reaction to this, you either: stand to lose a lot of power, or can’t see the future.

Before Trump can unite this country, he’ll have to break it. He’ll have to become Bane and break his enemies back with his knee.  He has three main enemies that need to be defeated. The first is the media.

He is well on the way to this, The New York Times is failing, CNN is in crises, and it becoming more and more apparent that the media is addicted to fake news.  The media has been awful for years. They’re one sided and out of touch with the American people. They have made it their mission to destroy our President since he announced he was running.  If you cannot be controlled and do not fit the mold the media will not be your friend. President Trump will break them and open the door to a glorious new media that represents the people while simultaneously allowing different kinds of people to run for president.

Democrats. The many faces of our enemies will have to be slayed.  A lesser person would buckle under the pressure of fighting this enemy.  Because for this one you must be willing to be a bastard and be seen as a bastard. Not only must you stand and be attacked but you must also fight back just as viciously.  Our president pulls no punches and no matter how bad his opponents try to portray him,  his supporters will follow him forever because he fights back.  I see no Democrat in sight that can stop Trump, and their blindness to this will destroy them.  This will be the beautiful new beginning for Democrats and a chance to shake off years bad policy and the bad polititians that have destroyed this once great party.

The last is the most vicious two faced monster of them all.  A party that in the recent passed have sucked so bad, they look like they play to lose.  A party that were elected in 2012, 2014, and 2016 to destroy Obamacare yet have done nothing since the 2016 elections.  Any opportunity to betray Trump and mock him in the media they take it.  They’re scared of Trump’s success because it means a lot of them now have to act, not be controlled opposition (talking to you Paul Ryan 😡).  Winning was the best way to break the Republicans, unfortunately they still cling to the old republican style of losing while simultaneously being cast as the villain.

When Trump is done, the Fake News Cartel will bedecimated, Democrats will be built anew with a grass root principled leadership, and Republicans will cast out the RINOs and neo-cons and return to their former glory.   Trump will launch a new era of prosperity for this country.  Julious Ceaser would be proud.

P. S. “I came (I came), I saw (I saw), I hit him right dead in the jaw (in the jaw).”
-Christopher Brian “Chris” Bridge

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