Millennials, How do we escape Identured Servitude?

Stop going to college for dumb shit. College serves no purpose. In fact, I think it’s bringing people backwards. This infestation of watered down acedemia where students are so distanced from actual reality, when we graduate we’re like babes in the woods without the exuberance we had when we were fresh faced 18 year olds.  Sometimes it seems that college administrators are actively trying to steal students life force while sadisticly laughing at us running on our hampster wheels.

We have too much debt, while simultaneously low paying jobs.  I would join the march for a greater future with my fellow millennials if it didn’t seem that they wanted us to march off the cliff of socialism.  This is where I am so out of touch with my millinial brothers and sisters, the thought of free meaningless college where we continue to live vapid lives where we’re paid some arbitrary sum determined by a distant bureaucrat, and then turn around and pay half of our income to that same bureaucrat.  Yet my brothers and sister don’t understand that this is a recipe for disaster.  They don’t employ the lessons learned from being forced to get some meaningless job because it is virtually impossible to get a job without one.  They think the solution is to punish everyone else by astronomically raising everyone’s taxes to expand the same shitty services.

The first step to getting out of indentured servitude is understanding how you got there. We made the choice to take out these ill advised loans. And sure loans like these shouldn’t even exist, but they do.   We can’t go back in time to stope ourselves or change the choices that we’ve made so we have to accept them.  This will be the burden of our generation. It can however stop there. We don’t have to put future generations through this pain. We can start preaching fiscal sanity to our government, and accountability from each other.  Accountability is painful and few like it, however disrespect has nothing to do with distrupting bitter delusions.

The first step is the hardest because it is the most emotional.  The next step is fighting your fear of the future to determine what you want to do and what you can afford to do. This is probably why you went to college, to put off this decision.   Look at what you’re good at and figure out how to get paid for it. The good news about our generation is that circumstances have made us very creative when making money, and very independent.

Next move home. I’m serious, if your parents can afford it and let you, move back in. This will save you so much money and allow you to invest in yourself and whatever business/trade you get into. While  home work two low stake jobs to save your money to make the business you want to create.  Use this opportunity to learn how to make a choice, how to economize and learn what you value most in life.

If you can’t move home then do everything above but do it somewhere dirt cheap.  Move to Iowa, there are cities there where you can get a three bedroom house for $500. Do this and get six roommates.  Forget about the city, and if you can’t, move to Des Moines or some place comparably cheap. To get out of this mess you’re going to have to make sacrifices.  Since college was practically useless, at least you got to socialize so consider yourself paying the cost of that socialization.

Last, give back to your community. Volunteer, participate in elections, get to know every one of your neighbors. Your community will give you value and hold you down to this world.  Find friends that are simarly surviving and thriving like you. Marry one. Who knows.

Do all these things and you will escape this indentured servitude. You’ll even find it had given your life more meaning and made you a better person.