Ode To CNN 🍔

Project Veritas has done it again!  Man am I the only one who feels bad for the unknowing pawn in their videos?   The producer (who I’m sure has been fired and blacklisted) basically said what we’ve all been thinking (he even expressed a hint of ideological disagreement).   The Russia story is a hoax.   CNN they caught you.  They got you on video admitting that y’all are such losers that you have to make up stories to get views.

But does anybody believe that logic?  If making up stories to sell stories work, why does CNN still struggle with ratings?  It doesn’t seem like it’s working to me.   According to the video they struggle to get a million viewers.   That’s less than Pewdiepie.  No wonder they hate Alex Jones.   Just search CNN ratings and see article after article detailing the decline of CNN.  These articles are not recent either, I’ve seen some from 2015.

When did people start accepting selfish mediocracy?  The idea that anything besides greatness can corner the market is ridiculous. That is why Kendrick Lamar is the greatest rapper, it’s why the Warriors beat the Cav’s, and it is why Anderson Cooper’s name will be forgotten.

This kind of attitude has infested our acedemia and ruined the mind of our children.  Journalism used to be a noble profession where men and women bravely fought on the front lines exposing the truth and holding our public leaders accountable. Schools and mainstream media outlets have led young would be reporters to believe that the truth is not the point, that instead a story is only as good as the controversy it stirs.

I’ve never gone to school for journalism (though law school suffers from similar woes), but why would I want to with Don Lemon and Megyn Kelly held out as our journalism heroes?  In the book News About the News there is a quote,

“Good journalism holds communities together in times of crisis, providing the information and the images that constitute shared experiences.”

If journalism students were to use this quote in class they would be shamed as idealistic fools.  The cynical leaders of this world forget that idealism is important to values and principles. Instead, journalism strips stufents of their idealism and leaves people feeling as if the world has no meaning and nothing they do matters.

Congratulations Cynical CNN.  You have made journalism and your news network as empty as your bogus Russian story.  I hope it was worth it.  Before the real can live the fake need to be exposed and shamed.

P. S. The producer wasn’t fired.

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