Will Pelosi have her Gravy?

According to the Washington Post Nancy Pelosi is in the midst of her own Trump-de-crazy (though she wouldn’t appreciate the terminology). Just listen to her language:
“I love the arena. I thrive on competition, and I welcome the discussion… But I feel very confident in the support that I have in my caucus.”

That is the language of a winner. Yet why doesn’t any body believe her?  Better yet why isn’t she winning?  I can’t remember the last time congress went blue during an election, and I think the time it did said more about Bush than it did about her.   My dear Nancy, I have the answer for you. It’s simple really, you have no principles. There it’s out there so it’s not too late!  You’re flaw just happens to be the secret ingredients to a Trump-de-Gravy.  You have to believe in you’re principals like God is whispering them in your ear.  Thus if you have none, you will lose.

The sharks in the water are out for blood and they’re circling hers. Their ready to pounce.  Ohio Representitive Tim Ryan is leading the charge.   And this was in November 2016! Nancy Nancy Nancy, find you’re principles and maybe you’ll reacquaint yourself with with winning. Perhaps when that happens your soul will also come back (I’m kidding)!

P. S. Does anybody know how much she’s worth? Someone please tell me how these polititians makes so much money?