Illinois What is you doin?

This economy makes me angry. Illinois’ behavior in this ecomy makes me furious.  It makes me wonder if they just wake up every morning and think, “Geez, how can I screw the citizens of Illinois more?  I know I was elected to look after their best interest, but it is so exciting to destroy their future.”

Sometimes I close my eyes and fantasize about driving my car to Springfield, marching to the capital, and silently glaring into the eyes of every or any person in the Illinois legislature and just leaving. That’s it.  In my fantasy they are overtaken with guilt and immediately drop their heads in shame. This is reality however so we all know that polititians have no shame.

For those of us on the Trump-Gravy-Train of winning, im sure you’re at least vaguely aware of Illinois’ challenges. It’s just a benefit of being a winner, we’re very civically minded people that pay attention to the affairs of our country. Every member knows that the failure of one state ripples over to states miles away.  If you’re new to the Gravy, I’ll sum up the problem a little less concisely than the Ben Garrison political cartoon below, Illinois is drowning in debt.

What makes it worse is the Kinky Cukary that these polititians are doing to further sink Illinois.  Long time House Speaker Mike Madigan is determined to ruin the Governship of recently elected Governor Bruce Rauner by playing hard ball on finally bringing a budget to the state of Illinois. The problem is that the state is so racked with debt owed to different special interest groups that nothing can get done.  It is so bad that for every dollar in this state 75 percent of it is going to some interest with their hand out (figures made up). This is something that the governor is very outspoken about.

The Trump de Gravy is coming to this state. I promise you that. I don’t know how and I don’t know when but it is comming.  Maybe it will be the Governor getting re-elected next year and sending a message to the entrenched politicians in the state government that they need to step up and start making changes.  Maybe there is a reason President Trump keeps mentioning Chicago and he has some master plan. Who knows?  I certainly don’t, but Illinois can’t continue as it is.   Stay tuned here at Trump-de-Gravy and I’ll keep you posted on our victories!

Ben Garrison

P. S. Did you know the show Boss staring Kelsey Grammer is based on the old Mayer of Chicago Richard Daley?  If you haven’t seen it read about it here.

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