vote of confidence

Goodbye Ossaf, Hello Handel!

We often hear how money owns democracy, so with the money comes the victor.   To those too wedded to an ideology, you will be unable to partake in the triumph that has come with this spectacular local election.

A magnificent victory! While the race was in a district in Georgia that commonly goes to republicans, this lady executed her Trump de Gravy against an opponent that spent four times as much as her!  A man so concerned about a district that he doesn’t even live in. A man whose out of state political contributions far outweighed his Georgia contributions. A man so fake if black face were acceptable he would paint his skin brown to compliment his phony Obama accent.  If that isn’t principal over profit I don’t know what is!

A Trump de Gravy exists for everyone to celebrate! To recognize the defeat of a Goliath, where the odds seemed stacked against the principled fighter. You don’t have to believe in Handel to believe in what her victory means for this country.  Look past your political beliefs and take joy in the real finally winning.


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